How to Change the Default Search Engine in Firefox

Firefox comes with Yahoo as its default search engine, but you may prefer a different option, such as Google, Bing or DuckDuckGo. Fortunately, you're not stuck with Yahoo, as it's easy to switch Firefox's search engine.

Users who would rather search a website will be happy to see that Firefox includes options for finding content on eBay, Wikipedia, Amazon and Twitter. And if Firefox doesn't include the option you prefer, you can even add another search engine or website. 

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Here are instructions for how to change Firefox's default search engine. The below screenshots show the process on a system running Windows 7, but the same steps apply for Firefox on Windows 10 and Apple's OS X. 

1. Click the Magnifying Glass icon in the Search box.

2. Click Change Search Settings.

3. Click Yahoo.

4. Select a search engine. If none of these options are right for you, proceed to step 5.

5. Click "Add more search engines..." for additional options.  

6. Hover over a search engine. You can also use the search engine to find even more options.

7. Click Add to Firefox.

8. Check the box next to "Make this the current search engine" and click Add.

You've changed the default search engine in Firefox.

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