How to Try Cool New Firefox Features with Test Pilot

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Firefox recently relaunched its Test Pilot program as an add-on that lets you try new experimental features in the web browser. Previously, it had served as a study to see how users operate Firefox, but this new version is much more useful for early adopters.

The new features are Activity Stream, Tab Center and Universal Search. Activity Stream turns each new tab into a newsfeed constructed from your favorite web sites; Tab Center puts all of your open web pages in one clean, easy-to-read space; and Universal Search makes recommendations for you as you type into the URL bar.

Want to take these features for a spin? You'll need to enable the new add-on. Here's how:

1. Go to the Test Pilot site.

2. Click "Get started with a Firefox account."

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3. Sign in with a Firefox account.

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4. Click "Install Test Pilot."


5. Click the Test Pilot add-on, which looks like a little UFO.


6. Choose the experimental activity that you want to try.

7. Click on the Enable button.


8. Choose "Take the Tour" for instructions, or skip to jump in and try your new feature. You have to do this individually for all three experiments.



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