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HTC One is First Enterprise Ready Device, Older Phones Left Behind

Enterprise solutions seem to be all the rage when it comes to today’s flagship smartphones. Samsung unveiled its Knox software for mobile devices earlier this year, BlackBerry has its BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 for the BB10 OS, and now HTC has joined the club with its HTCpro.

The HTC One is the first device in the US to run the company’s new enterprise-focused software, HTC announced on Thursday. All HTC One devices currently on sale through Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile come with this software out-of-the-box, but HTC came forward to confirm that this is the first HTCpro-certified device to hit US shelves. 

The US version of the HTC One is currently the only device that comes with the HTCpro software suite, but the company plans to bring its enterprise tools to future handsets and HTC One devices in other countries. Older HTC phones, however, won't be getting HTCpro certification,  an HTC representative said to LAPTOP. 

Aimed at business customers, HTCpro  brings government-grade security, Mobile Device Management, and more productivity features to the HTC One. To keep the device secure, HTC has implemented 256-bit encryption and VPN functionality into its One. In the future, the company hopes to offer Internet Protocol Security VPN support from Mocana as well.

HTC has partnered with AirWatch and MobileIron for its MDM solution, which lets users secure, configure, manage and audit data from their mobile device. Additionally, the new enterprise-ready One comes with options for customizing password controls, such as the ability wipe data remotely and lock users out of the device.

“Customers want the freedom to choose the device they use on the job, and companies want to know that devices brought into the workplace are enterprise ready,” David Jaeger, exeutive director for HTCpro, said in a statement.

HTCpro is one of the many BYOD solutions being introduced to the mobile workplace. While HTCpro allows users to secure their devices and manage data remotely, software such as Samsung’s Knox and Enterproid’s Divide app lets users split their phone into work and personal mode. Theoretically, this eliminates the need for a separate enterprise-ready phone, such as the HTCpro-certified One.