How to Change Language on the Kindle Paperwhite

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For those whose first language is not English, reading on an American Kindle Paperwhite isn't always ideal. That is, unless you know the trick to changing the default language. Amazon offers 11 options including Italian, German and even French Canadian. Here are the step-by-step instructions for how to make the switch. 

1. Tap the menu button the top right of the screen, which looks like three horizontal lines. Tap Settings. 

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2. Tap the arrow next to Device Options. 

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3. Tap the arrow next to Personalize Your Kindle. 

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4. Tap the arrow next to Language. 

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5. Select the language you wish to change to and tap Ok. 

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6. Tap OK on the next pop-up. This will cause your Kindle Paperwhite to restart. 

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  • Lisa Griffin Says:

    My children set my brand new Kindle Paperwhite to Japanese or Chinese.
    How do I get very English language on New paper white please? Can't scroll to correct options if I can't understand what the options are.

  • Carla Says:

    HELP! How do I change my paper white kindle to English? I’m so FRUSTRATED! How do I get English on this device??

  • Sandra Cole Says:

    My new paperwhite kindle is in

  • B.L. Thompson Says:

    Same as everyone else. There are no three lines to tap to access the menu!!!! All in Spanish!!! Does it have to be completely charged to find those lines!!!!!

  • Judy Rich Says:

    Same question as everyone on here. How do I get very English language on New paper white. Can't scroll to correct options if I can't understand what the options are.

  • Hoyt Condra Says:

    Children bought me a new Kendall paper white. Cannot change to English. Downloaded manual but Kendall does not respond.

    256 565 3015

  • Leslie ross Says:

    I have just bought a kindle paper white and it is in a foteign language. There is no menu icon. How do I change to English please?

  • Jackie Says:

    I cannot get new kindle screen off of connector screenin French. there is nothing on top line except the wors Se connector. Cannot change screen or scroll back or forward.

  • Cecilia Philip Says:

    My new kindle paper white is in Japanese. I wish to change to English. Help

  • Diane Oakes Says:

    My paperwhite is in Spanish. How do I get to settings to change to english?

  • Mike Oliver Says:

    My new Kindle is in Spanish. I can't even get to the menu to change it. There are no horizontal lines on the top right of my screen to tap so I can access the menu. I can't make it do anything except offer to let me register, I think. Not really sure, since everything is in Spanish. Help!

  • saleh Says:

    Does the Kindle paperwhite support Arabic language? if so, how to change it ?

  • rajashekhar Says:

    how change the language from dutch to english

  • Harish Says:

    Thanks a lot! This was very helpful in reverting from accidentally choosing an unknown language!

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