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Brydge Exceeds Kickstarter Goal by 400%

Since the premiere of the new iPad, companies have been racing to spit out accessories to accompany the tablet. Recognizing that many tablet users miss the functionality of their laptop, brands have released devices that essentially turn the iPad into a laptop. Brydge is not the first in this movement, but its Kickstarter effort has certainly been greeted with lots of enthusiasm.

Brydge is a keyboard attachment and hinge that snaps onto the iPad, giving it laptop functionality while resembling the MacBook Air. The attachment is made of aluminum and has optional stereo speakers to expand your audio experience, and gives 180 degrees of positioning. L.A.-based designer Brad Leong, Sam & Eddy constructed Brydge to match the iPad's look and feel.

Since its launch on Kickstarter, the project has gathered more than 1,700 backers, and it still has 33 days to go. What's more, Brydge's backers have more than followed through with their investments: It had a $90,000 goal, but has already raised $402,767 as of this posting.

Brydge is expected to deliver in October, and you can pledge to the project here.