7 Best Smartphones of CES 2013

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Nearly half of all American adults now own a smartphone, and the innovation on display at CES showed just how far these devices have come. Handsets are getting thinner even as their screens are getting bigger, prices are coming down, and the threat of water damage is being conquered with new waterproofing technology. Read on for the most exciting smartphones unveiled at CES 2013.

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  • David Says:

    Alcatel Sony and the other crap that has copied iPhone are actually bs! Best phone is Samsung galaxy s3 and iPhone, in what ever order u want! Not Alcatel and Sony! Any phone with windows it's a big mistake!

  • David Says:

    This list is a joke!

  • TechEduNews.com Says:

    Great article. I think xperia Z is the top smartphone in 2013 now at this moment.

  • Josh Says:

    @Murali. The phone line-up is from CES 2013. I am sure Apple does not attend CES. I dont think Z10 product launch had happened when CES 2013 took place earlier this year.

  • murali Says:

    And where does Apple iphone and the recently released Blackberry Z10 stand?

  • Joe rogan Says:

    Lets be honest guys, this is a very biased list.

  • Lisa Says:

    In the box that the Yota phone is displayed in; the is a "Next" in the top right hand side of the screen and you click on it and it takes you to the next phone. ;)

  • Warren Says:

    I'm absolutely amazed. The "7 Best Smarphones of CES 2013", as shown on this website shows ONE paragraph ending in: Read On...... that's it. Nothing to read on, anywhere except the ad beneath it for the Yota phone.

  • Brittany Says:

    no idolatry please :D

  • carlos Says:

    Excellent article, expected coming from laptopmag

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