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Best Mechanical Keyboards 2019

There's nothing quite like the clack of a mechanical keyboard. Standard-model membrane keyboards that come with PCs and laptops don't offer the signature precision of mechanical keys. Varied feedbacks, pressure options and speeds can mean the difference between finishing your work in just a few hours and taking a full day.

These bestselling mechanical keyboards are great for boosting work productivity and gaming performance. Here are the best mechanical keyboards to buy now.

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Corsair K70 RGB Mk.2

A universal favorite across the web, Corsair's K70 RGB Mk.2 is just as capable of filling out expense reports as it is wiping out an enemy team. If you don't care for the gamer-centric stylings of RGB, consider setting a single backlight color. The anodized, brushed-aluminum frame is strong yet stylish. This full keyboard has its own media-control section in the top right corner as well as USB pass-through. A detachable, soft-touch palm rest is just a cherry on top of this value sundae. Switch type: Cherry MX Brown | Size: 17.24 x 6.53 x 1.53 inches | Weight: 2.76 pounds | Type: Wired Credit: Corsair

Das Keyboard 4 Professional

The Das Keyboard 4 is a durable mechanical keyboard packed with plenty of features. Multimedia keys rest upon a slick dial that offers system volume adjustment with just a quick button press or knob turn. Just above sits a two-port USB 3.0 SuperSpeed hub that offers 5GB/s transfer speeds. Each key's inscriptions are laser etched with bumps on the F and J keys. Full N-key rollover means you can press as many keys as you like without interruption. Lastly, a magnetically detachable footboard also functions as a ruler. Now, you can grab some measurements of a physical object and instantaneously throw those numbers right into a spreadsheet. Switch type: Blue | Size: 18.11 x 7.09 x 0.83 inches | Weight: 2.6 pounds | Type: Wired Credit: Das Keyboard

Razer BlackWidow Elite

Whether you're gaming or typing, Razer's green switches provide precision inputs with just 50 grams of actuation force. Razer's first-party Chroma software connects with not only the RGB in your keyboard but also over 30 different gear partners, such as Philips Hue to adjust mood lighting. Fully customizable macros mean you can remap key presses to execute complex commands. You can do this all in comfort thanks to a plush leatherette, magnetic wrist rest providing support throughout sessions. Switch type: Green | Size: 9.16 x 17.65 x 1.67 inches | Weight: 3.69 pounds | Type: Wired Credit: Razer

Massdrop CTRL

Massdrop CTRL

Tired of the same old feedback from your keyboard? Taking user customization to a whole new level, Massdrop's hot-swappable switch sockets allow you to swap switches whenever you want with no soldering required. Paired with customizable RGB backlighting, you can have a new keyboard on the fly from input feedback to design. Program the entirety of the layout from macros to key mappings with ease. Two USB Type-C connectors on each side of the aluminum keyboard allow you to transfer data and charge devices at USB 2.0 speeds. Removable magnetic feet make it easy to find the perfect typing height and angle. Switch type: Cherry MX Blue (hot swappable) | Size: 14.5 x 5.5 x 1.4 inches | Weight: 2.1 pounds | Type: Wired Credit: Drop

Alienware Pro Keyboard

Alienware Pro Keyboard

Get a leg up on your work with the Alienware Pro keyboard's adjustable leg, which offers three different typing positions, complete with brown mechanical keys. Plus, multimedia keys put even more shortcuts at your disposal, like a dedicated audio roller at half the price of the Das 4. While the keyboard's AlienFX software with 13 RGB lighting zones, 15 programmable macro-key functions and onboard memory are built for gaming, regular typists looking for a quiet and capable board will also enjoy the Alienware Pro. Switch type: Brown | Size: 19.6 x 6.8 x 1.4 inches | Weight: 3.26 pounds | Type: Wired Credit: Dell

Wooting One

This pressure-sensitive, analog, mechanical keyboard offers gradual key movements similar to those of a game controller, reflecting the amount of force placed in the response. An adjustable actuation point (1.5-3.6mm), red switches and a hot-swappable switchboard help the Wooting One stand out from the crowd and ensure you'll find the perfect input pressure. Switch type: Red (hot swappable) | Size: 14.5 x 6.3 x 1.6 inches | Weight: 1.8 pounds | Type: Wired Credit: Wooting

Velocifire VM02WS

Velocifire VM02WS

Amazon's top choice for wireless mechanical keyboards, the 104-key Velocifire full-size keyboard offers plenty of support for extended typing sessions. Brown switches offer a suppressed clack for working at all hours, day or night. The long battery life ensures you'll be able to make use of the white backlighting for hours. A working distance of over 26 feet cuts the cord and allows you to step away from the computer or TV. Switch type: Brown | Size: 19 x 7 x 2 inches | Weight: 2.70 pounds | Type: Wireless Credit: Velocifire

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