Best Buy's Buy Back Program Gives You Store Credit for Old Gadgets

Attention early adopters and everyone else with unwanted tech hanging around: Best Buy is set to roll out its new Buy Back Program tomorrow, January 5th. The program allows consumers to sell back their used laptops, netbooks, phones, TVs, and tablets for a percentage of their original price. All buy backs will be issued in the form of Best Buy gift cards, and to qualify your device must cost under $5,000.

Boy Genius Report has leaked pricing information for the Buy Back Program. For gadgets traded in within six months of their original purchase, you're entitled to 50 percent of the full original retail price; for six to 12 months, you'll get back 40 percent. For months 12 and up, the pricing scale depends on the type of gadget you're turning in.

According to BGR, opting into the Buy Back Program costs $59.99 at the time of a handset purchase. No word yet on what the fees look like for laptops, tablets, and more; we expect more details to emerge this week after the program debuts.

via BGR

LAPTOP Staff Writer