Best Back-to-School Laptop Deals

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The first college football top 20 polls are hot topics of conversation, which means universities are dusting off their professors, shining the ivy on the ancient halls and retailers are taking scalpels to prices on laptops so students can afford them. We've graded some deals on portable PCs from Apple, Asus, HP, Lenovo and Microsoft.

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  • pop pop sanders Says:

    I need an lap toop but I do not own any dolers.

  • Justin Says:

    Hello There!
    Im goong back to school amd trying to find a good laptop now im almost sold on the surface pro but your price on here doesnt match with what microsofts price is? Also is the surface pro have lte capabilitys?

  • Sao Sorsor Says:

    I want a loptop with intel sticker on it.

  • Mike mcmahon Says:

    Buy for niece for school how do Iget school discount

  • Paula Roberts Says:

    Apple is offering an education discount-- while it's only $50 in some cases, just thought you should correct the record!

  • Haley McDonald Says:

    just a note that the Dell PC+TV deal is not available in Canada

  • Ron Abate Says:

    Chromebooks are hands down the best laptop buy for students and even adults. I have taught computer classes to adults and children using Apple and Windows machines. You simply cannot get a better buy than the Chromebook!

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