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AT&T Offering Customers Up to $450 For Switching from T-Mobile

A new year has arrived, and AT&T's resolution seems to be kicking the competition. Starting today (Jan. 3), the carrier is offering up to $450 per line for T-Mobile customers who make the switch and trade in an eligible smartphone.

T-Mobile customers will receive a $200 credit per line if they transfer to an AT&T Next plan, buy a new device at full value or activate an existing smartphone with AT&T. T-Mobile users can then trade-in their current handset for a promotion card of up to $250, which can be used on AT&T accessories and services. AT&T says that the trade-in value depends on the model and age of the smartphone, but that most current popular devices will net customers the full $250. 

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AT&T has not specified how long this limited-time offer will last, but you can view the full details here

For those not looking to stray from T-Mobile, the carrier has its own limited-time special for the new year. T-Mobile customers can get a free $70 credit to use toward their monthly bill, so long as they buy a new smartphone on the carrier's Unlimited 4G Data plan. Both carriers' deals are likely to expire soon, so act fast if you're interested.