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AT&T May Charge Extra To Use iOS 6's FaceTime over Cellular

The nation's mobile networks are only getting faster, so it wasn't exactly a surprise when Apple announced that its FaceTime video calling feature, which is currently only available over Wi-Fi, will also be available over cellular connections in iOS 6. Cynical types may find the following tidbit unsurprising as well: it appears as if AT&T is going to charge customers to use FacetTime over Cellular on its network.

9to5Mac received the error message pictured above when mucking around with an iOS 6 Developer Build. Several members of the MacRumors forums were slapped with the same message under similar conditions. 9to5Mac reports that activating FaceTime over Cellular on the Verizon network worked just fine, however.

An AT&T spokesman told the website that "We’re working closely with Apple on the new developer build of iOS6 and we’ll share more information with our customers as it becomes available."

AT&T's apparent enthusiasm for levying extra charges shouldn't come as a surprise, either. AT&T was the first company to switch from unlimited to tiered data pricing, and back in May, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson said that he considers Apple's iMessage and video conferencing apps like Skype to be a threat to his company's revenue. In fact, AT&T only allowed Skype and other VOIP and video calling apps on the iPhone after intense FCC pressure. At the time, AT&T charged an additional fee for making Skype calls over 3G, though that has since been dropped.

Image credit: 9to5Mac