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AT&T Launches Pre-Paid Contract-Free Aio Wireless In Texas and Florida

AT&T has just unveiled its new pre-paid service platform Aio Wireless, which will kick off in Houston, Orlando and Tampa before rolling out to other U.S. markets this year. Aimed toward commitment-phobes, Aio Wireless will offer unlimited voice and data service with plans ranging from $35 to $70 per month without a binding contract.

Pricing will vary by market and 4G download speeds are expected to reach 4 MBps, according to Aio. Buyers have the option of choosing phones from manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Nokia and ZTE  through Aio, or purchasing an unlocked phone elsewhere for use on the network.

AT&T now joins the likes of Sprint and T-Mobile, which offer pre-paid contract free plans through their respective subsidiaries Boost Mobile and MetroPCS.

“This is just what so many customers today are looking for,” mobile industry analyst Jeff Kagan said in a statement on Thursday. “Many pre-paid customers today buy from lesser-known brand names. There is an opportunity here if Aio Wireless can hit the target.”

As a point of comparison, MetroPCs offers unlimited talk, text and data plans ranging from $40 to $60 per month. Boost Mobile’s Android monthly unlimited plan starts at $55 per month, but decreases over time with its shrinking payment plan. This shaves $5 off a customer’s phone bill for every six on-time payments.

Aio has not specified any additional details on which markets will be next, but says it will be growing in the coming weeks according to its website.