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AT&T, Boingo Partner to Offer 1GB of Free Access to Wi-Fi Hotspots

If you're a Boingo or AT&T subscriber, you have a reason to celebrate today. Boingo, a Wi-Fi service provider, and AT&T have announced a partnership which grants AT&T users 1GB of free access to Boingo's Wi-Fi hotspots, with plans to expand the service all year. However, the freebie access is limited to AT&T subscribers whose accounts include the 300MB and 800MB international roaming data add-on packs.

Boingo subscribers will in turn have access to AT&T hotspots as part of their access plans.  If you're an AT&T subscriber, you'll need to download the AT&T Wi-Fi International app to connect to any of Boingo's hotspots.

Boingo claims that its Wi-Fi network provides service to 1.5 billion people per year, so odds are that if you're a regular or even semi-regular traveler, you'll come across a Boingo Wi-Fi hotspot at some point. AT&T claims that it operates over 30,000 hotspots, so between each company's networks, they'll be covering a substantial amount of ground as a result of this agreement.

Access to Boingo's Wi-Fi hotspots means that AT&T users whose subscriptions include these international data roaming packs ($60 for 300MB, $120 for 800MB) have more places to access the Internet abroad, without hitting using up their allotment of cellular data.

via TechCrunch