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AT&T and General Motors to Offer In-Car 4G LTE Connectivity

Truly connected cars, those with their own data connections, have so far been limited to luxury vehicles like BMW and Audi. But that’s about to change thanks to AT&T and General Motors. The two companies today announced a multi-year partnership that will see G.M. vehicles including Chevrolets, Buicks, GMCs and Cadillacs come equipped with their own 4G LTE connections.

The service will be offered as an extension of GM’s OnStar service and will be available in select 2015 model year GM vehicles. So what will such connected vehicles include?

For one, GM says it will incorporate AT&T’s WATSON speech engine to provide cars with a Web-connected voice assistant with natural language support, meaning you won’t have to speak to your car like a robot. The voice assistant will also allow for hands-free functionality.

Additionally, the companies say that vehicles with 4G LTE data will allow for connected telematics systems, apps and video for backseat passengers. Furthermore, an available GM software developers’ kit, will enable the development of future apps and other features that can be added to vehicles after they’ve been purchased.

Neither companies have announced a pricing structure for the connected services, but we’ll be sure to find out more here at Mobile World Congress 2013.