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Apple's iPad mini May Be Wi-Fi Only

If the rumors prove true, the long-awaited iPad mini is built to rival the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 in a lot of ways: it's a 7-inch slate built by a top-tier manufacturer that's slated to sell for a less-than-premium price. A new rumor claims the similarities are more than just skin deepr. A new report says that like its budget-priced rivals, the iPad mini will only be available in Wi-Fi, with no support for 4G data networks.

The alleged lack of Wi-Fi -- which was tipped by "industry sources" -- wouldn't be the first corner Apple needed to cut in order to hit a wallet-friendly price point for its new tablet. Several sources have reported that the iPad mini's 7.85-inch display isn't a pixel-packing Retina model, primarily due to the pressure to decrease costs.

On the plus side, leaked screenshots suggest that Apple hasn't let pricing concerns downgrade the iPad mini's exterior design, which looks just as attractive as the full-sized versions -- assuming the authentic-looking iPad mini photos we reported on earlier today are indeed authentic.

Industry sources report iPad mini production is currently in full swing ahead of an October 17th announcement, so we might know before long whether this latest whisper holds any weight.

The Guardian via CNET. Photo via UkranianIPhone.