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Apple to Offer Unlocked iPhone 4S Online; Starting at $649

Commitment-phobic but still want to make the iPhone 4S yours? Apple's online story is happy to accommodate, as it will start shipping unlocked versions of its latest smartphone in one to two weeks.

According to Apple's website, the unlocked iPhone 4S will start at $649 for the 16GB model, with the 32GB and 64GB versions going for $749 and $849, respectively. The unlocked phone will only work with GSM wireless carriers, so that means CDMA-based networks such as Sprint and Verizon Wireless are out of the picture. (AT&T, which is GSM-based, will likely be your service provider stateside.)

Is nabbing an unlocked model worth it? If you want the freedom to switch devices and carriers without being tethered to a two-year contract—and if you have the cash to shell out for the higher up-front free—it might be a good choice. Buying the iPhone 4S unlocked also give you the option of using local networks when you're traveling abroad, though you'll have to get a micro-SIM card from a supported GSM carrier.