This Is the New MacBook Pro with Magic Toolbar

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The new MacBook Pro is coming on Thursday (Oct. 27), but we already have a good look at its marquee feature. Mac Rumors has obtained photos of the new laptop, which includes a Magic Toolbar that changes its functions based on what you're doing.

Lets say you want to make a quick purchase online via Apple Pay. The OLED touch panel above the keyboard on the MacBook Pro will apparently transform into a Touch ID input button, allowing you to check out with just a tap of your finger.MacBook Pro 2016 Magic ToolbarAs you can see, the Magic Toolbar also displays text, such as the amount of the purchase, and a Cancel button. So it seems as though this panel will be quite versatile.

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The other big thing that the pictures show is a fairly shallow keyboard, one that looks very similar to the layout on the 12-inch MacBook. I've been using the unique butterfly mechanism for well over a year and find it pretty fast, but some may balk at the lack of travel.

Why go so thin? The MacBook Pro itself is supposed to be quite thin, packing a 13- or 14-inch display into a very svelte chassis. Unlike the 12-inch MacBook, the Pro looks to sport dual speakers on other side of the keyboard.

Mac Rumors says to expect four USB-C ports and a headphone jack but not traditional USB and no SD Card slot or HDMI. We'll bring your our hands-on impressions, specs and all the other details on Oct. 27.




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  • Joe Bean Says:

    No HDMI? I didn't know TVs started to use USB-C.

    And what is wrong with Apple and their insistence on introducing dubious innovations? Does anybody use 3Dtouch, for example? I was actually excited to get it once it was announced but it ended up being a huge disappointment. It is not lack of support the main issue, it is not a good implementation, if not a good idea. It is cumbersome, it gets in the way of other functions (try making your icons move to delete apps when you have 3D touch and it is not easy), it is unintuitive and feels a hassle to activate. It just doesn't feel right.

    This bar scares me. I think it will be bad. Nobody should look at their keyboard to know where to press. You should look at the screen and type without looking on the keyboard. Changing its layout dynamically and with no tactile feedback seems as dumb as using a projected keyboard on a table. Why does nobody is productive typing long letters on the screen of an Ipad too? Replacing a working technology with something inferior that just looks cool doesn't seem a good idea.

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