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Budget iPhone With Plastic Shell Allegedly Leaks

Ever wonder what an iPhone would look like if it was made of plastic? For months, rumors have suggested that Apple may swap out its classic aluminum form factor with a more budget-friendly design, and images of that handset have allegedly leaked online. Some rumors have even dubbed it the iPhone B, for budget. 

Tech blog Techdy posted a slew of photos and a video of what it claims to be the budget iPhone, although Apple has yet to even confirm the existence of such a device. The photos show close up shots of the handset’s plastic body, depicting a white, shiny rear and a black design for its face. The video goes into further detail, honing in on the device’s charging port and headphone jack located at the bottom of its body.

Like the iPhone 5, this so-called plastic iPhone Light reportedly comes with a Lightning dock connector at the bottom with a headphone jack situated right next to it. There’s also a small port for a second microphone alongside this headphone jack, and what appears to be four tiny holes for the speaker on the Lightning port's right side. Techdy claims that the handset will be “made substantially” from plastic and will come with a 4-inch screen similar to the iPhone 5.

There’s no telling whether or not these photos are legitimate, seeing as no source is named.  However, if accurate, this will mark the first time in history that Apple plans to launch more than one type of iPhone. A bevy of alleged leaks and reports suggest that an iPhone 5S, an iPhone 6 and low-cost iPhone are in the works, although details have been scarce. Last month, Reuters reported that Apple is considering 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch displays for its future iPhones, but it remains unclear if this is would pertain to the iPhone 5 successor or a different device entirely.

Apple has yet to make any mention of future iPhones, but iMore’s Rene Ritchie predicts that we could be seeing an iPhone 5S as soon as August.

via Techdy