Acer Cloudbooks Do Windows 10 for Just $169

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acer aspire cloudbook front smAcer is gunning for a piece of the affordable-laptop pie with its new aggressively priced notebooks. The Aspire One Cloudbook series are sub-$200 notebooks that run Windows 10 and will initially be available in two sizes, very similar to HP's Stream 11. The Cloudbook 11 (starting at $169) and Cloudbook 14 (starting at ($199) will be available in August and September, respectively.

As the name suggests, the Cloudbook series will depend heavily on cloud-services such as Office 365 and OneDrive. Each Cloudbook comes with a 1-year subscription of Office 365 Personal, as does the HP Stream 11. You can pick up a 32GB and 64GB model to get a preloaded 1TB OneDrive subscription. The 16GB version comes with a 1-year, 100GB OneDrive voucher.

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You'll also get Acer's suite of apps, such as abPhoto, abMusic, abDocs and abFiles for convenient cross-device access to files stored in the cloud.

Designed to enhance the Windows 10 experience, the Cloudbooks pack dual digital microphones with enhanced digital signal processing for better online calls. This setup should also help the voice-controlled assistant Cortana hear you more clearly and accurately.

acer aspire cloudbook back

Design-wise, the Cloudbooks aren't too exciting. They're a matte gray with what Acer calls a dotted textile pattern on the back. The notebooks feature 11-inch or 14-inch, 1366 x 768-pixel displays, and are powered by Intel Celeron mobile processors with 2GB of RAM. With the latest 802.11ac wireless tech, the laptops should offer speedy web browsing if you have a current 802.11ac router.

Those specs are similar to the ones for one of our favorite budget Windows laptops, the HP Stream 11. For $200, the Stream 11 offers an 11-inch 1366 x 768 display, Intel Celeron power with 2GB of RAM and Windows 8.1 in a colorful, sleek chassis. However, it doesn't support the 802.11ac wireless standard that the Cloudbooks do. 

Each Cloudbook also sports an array of connectivity options, such as HDMI, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 and SD Card slots.

We'll have to wait until we get a unit in for a full review, but as it stands, the new Acer Aspire Cloudbooks look like a compellingly affordable option for Windows fans on a budget.

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  • Robbie Harris Says:

    You slam the cloudbooks in comparison to chromebooks due to the fact that they maintain x86 windows compatibility and thus an be vulnerable to windows malware.

    I have an idea, lets build a machine that, lets see:
    isn't compatible with all the old windows malware but uses the windows interface for familiarity. Includes office and its own app store since breaking that compatibility will break compatibility with other software.
    includes a full browser since it will take a while for app developers to catch up and that way, while it is nice to have an app,you shouldn't need an app for most things.
    Make it very light and give it great battery life.
    Include ports for expandability, say a usb port so that with just a driver you can use nearly the entire world of PC peripherals.
    While we are putting ports on this thing let's include a video out port so you can have 2 displays or bigger display.
    A micro SD slot so you can expand the storage.

    Sounds like a great device so far, but lets put it in the body of a tablet to keep it incredibly portable, but build in a kickstand so it stands on it's own.
    We have a usb port to use a mouse but we can add Bluetooth and have the port open for other things.
    Make a way to attach its own keyboard so that even though it is a tablet you have 90% of the functionality of a full laptop.

    For a tablet this thing sounds absolutely incredible. It will do everything a chromebook and then some like windowing, and being able to print straight to your printer.

    It will do almost everything a full laptop will so it would be a great 2nd device or a portable adjunct to your main pc. In fact let's make that even better. Since it shares the windows interface of your pc include the option to sync customization settings and data with your main pc. Say even give it the ability to share favorites and parts of the browsing history so that you can be looking up something on your device and see the tabs you had on it to pick right back up on your desktop pc..

    Sounds like an absolutely incredible device. Problem is the device I have described was already introduced and the company that released it was vilified for it. Remember the Surface RT?????

  • Ron Abate Says:

    Good price. I tend to avoid any laptop with a display less than 13". I also avoid yearly subscription of Office 365 Personal or any apps that require yearly costs.

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