Acer V5 Series Hands-On: Slim Notebooks on a Budget

New Ultrabooks weren't the only product releases on Acer's agenda at CeBIT today. The company also unveiled the V5 Series of thin-and-light notebooks aimed at budget-conscious consumers who value portability and style. Though not as slim as the Timeline M3, the V5 line is 30 percent thinner than your average notebook. What's more, it's available in three colors, including an icy, textured pink.

The 11.6-inch V5 measures just 0.59 inches at its thinnest and weighs just under than 3 pounds. There's a 14-inch, 4.6-pound model with a slightly thicker 21mm profile due to its optical drive, and also a 15.6-inch model with optical drive. Nvidia GeForce graphics are an option, not par for the course on this system.

Acer somewhat cryptically announced the starting price as 499 euros during its press event, and indeed that number refers to a companion Acer Aspire One system and not the lowest-configured V5. The aforementioned Acer Aspire One will ship with a Celeron orPentium processor versus the V5 Series' Intel Core i3/i5 CPU options. There's no pricing info on the V5s proper yet.

LAPTOP Staff Writer