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German Court Lifts Ban on Galaxy Tabs in All E.U. Countries Except Germany

Europeans, with the exception of Germans, can once again purchase Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 following a German court's decision to lift a preliminary injunction that banned sales of the tablet throughout the European Union.

Top 10 Features of iOS 5

iOS 5 has 1,500 new APIs and over 200 new features, but today Apple showed us the 10 key features of the new software for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

iSkin Razor Back iPad Backpack Hands-on: Squishy Hip or Just Strange?

You've got to touch it to fully understand. The $160 iSkin Razor Back from the new Q.West Collection is made of high-gloss black nylon, and feels as if it were filled with jelly.

Tablets Won't Kill PCs, They'll Make Them Better

Isn't it ironic that I'm using a laptop to write about the post-PC era? Not really, because it isn't here yet. Last week a lot was made of Apple CEO Steve Jobs' answer to a question at the D8 conferen...

Great Notebook Cases for Mother's Day

It stumps you ever year. Picking out the perfect gift for the woman who brought you into the world is no joke. But, it's safe to say that she can never have too many bags. Each one in her closet has a...