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Apple's Record-Breaking First Quarter: 37 Million iPhones, 15 Million iPads Sold

Today, Apple announced its record-breaking earnings for the first fiscal quarter of 2012. This earnings call is significant because not only does it cover the holiday sales period and the wildly popul...

Analyst: iBooks 2 Could Be One of Most Important Apple Annoucements Ever

Could iBooks 2 be as important as the original iPod, the iPhone, or the iPad? According to Michael Gartenberg, an analyst at research firm Gartner, the announcement has the potential to be in the ...

German Court Lifts Ban on Galaxy Tabs in All E.U. Countries Except Germany

Europeans, with the exception of Germans, can once again purchase Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 following a German court's decision to lift a preliminary injunction that banned sales of the tablet throughout the European Union.

Top 10 Features of iOS 5

iOS 5 has 1,500 new APIs and over 200 new features, but today Apple showed us the 10 key features of the new software for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Report: Apple to Offer Unlimited Downloads of Purchased iTunes Music

Apple didn't build that $1 billion data center in North Carolina for nothing. According to Bloomberg, the company is negotiating with the music labels to allow users to download music tracks they've already purchased to multiple devices.

iOS 4.3 Coming March 11: FaceTime, Photo Booth, and Hotspot on Board

Of course, the iPad 2 isn't just about hardware. It's running iOS 4.3, which promises vastly improved Safari performance, easier iTunes home sharing, and a preference choice for mute or rotation lock for the iPad switch.

iPad 2 on Sale March 11: Dual-Core Power, Super Thin, Coming in Black and White

The iPad 2 is coming March 11th, and its seriously thin and fast. We're talking an A5 dual-core processors that's up to 2X faster, 9X faster graphics, and the same low power as first iPad (so 10 hours of battery life).

iSkin Razor Back iPad Backpack Hands-on: Squishy Hip or Just Strange?

You've got to touch it to fully understand. The $160 iSkin Razor Back from the new Q.West Collection is made of high-gloss black nylon, and feels as if it were filled with jelly.

Microsoft's Answer to the iPad: We Have Better Printer Support!

If you can't compete, you can always bash. Microsoft is apparently combating the iPad's impressive momentum in the enterprise by handing out marketing materials to reseller partners that point out the major differences between Windows 7 and the iPad.

Apple: Next-Gen Android Tablets Just Vapor, iPad Has Huge First-Mover Advantage

During the Apple first quarter earnings call, Apple COO Tim Cook took a couple of swings at Android, just like Steve Jobs did back in October. He called the current crop of Android tablets just scaled-up smart phones.