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9 Must-Have Games for Your Tablet

We've covered the productivity apps you can use to slam work tasks on your iPad or Android tablet. Now it's time to kick back, relax...and slam some opponents.

Best of Mobile World Congress 2012

From super-fast new smartphones to pen-friendly tablets, Mobile World Congress 2012 has set the stage for a standout year in mobile technology. At this year's show, we've seen superphones packing blaz...

Moby Dick for iPad Breathes New Life Into Classic

While Herman Melville's "Moby Dick" is a hallmark of American literature, navigating this epic can feel like sailing against the wind. Arcade Sunshine Media's $3.99 interactive version, "Moby Dick--A ...

Top 15 Productivity Apps for Your Tablet

Being productive isn't a matter of doing more with your time. It's about working smarter--and using the right tools. These 15 Android and iOS apps are just that: the tools you need to nail those to-dos to the wall.

Digital Finger Painting is an Animator's Dream

Samsung generated a lot of excitement at last week's Consumer Electronics Show with its new Galaxy Note smartphone. Aside from the impressive/overwhelming 5.3-inch screen, this smartphone-cum-tablet i...

Hands-on with OnLive Desktop: A Windows 7 Cloud Desktop on Your iPad

At CES 2012, we saw cloud gaming kingpin OnLive launch something pretty unexpected: OnLive Desktop, an iPad app that streams a Windows 7 desktop from the cloud onto your slate. Late last week, the app became available to the general public.

Mobile Apps Not Finding Favor with Consumers

You might want to think twice before you rush out to develop a mobile app for your business or brand. New research shows that consumers, by an overwhelming majority, would rather browse and buy from w...

Best of CES 2012

This year's Consumer Electronics Show revealed some exciting technologies and devices whose release is just around the corner. We've witnessed the emergence of the Ultrabook, the re-emergence of N...

BlackBerry PlayBook Gets a Desktop from Splashtop

In a sea of negative news and critical commentary, BlackBerry PlayBook owners (...anyone?) got a splash of excitement today with the release of a service to remotely stream a home computer on the tabl...

New CloudOn App Lets iPad Users Run Microsoft Office

Your last excuse for not using an iPad as your on-the-go-mobile computing device has just disappeared. A new app brings Microsoft Office to Apple's tablet computer.