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Best Enabling Technology: Mirasol Display
LAPTOP's Best of CES 2010


Qualcomm mirasol display technology takes cues from nature to provide screens that look beautiful in all lighting conditions (including direct sunlight), utilize very little power and responding speedily to touch input. As mobile technology advances, consumers naturally desire to do more with their devices, including multimedia and gaming. Devices that incorporate mirasol displays will benefit from thinner, sleeker designs that offer great viewing experiences but won't need large batteries to last all day long. Qualcomm's engineers were inspired by butterfly wings and discovered a way to mimic how they create color. The resulting technology, Interferometric Modulation (IMOD), gives the mirasol display its low-power, highly reflective properties.

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LAPTOP's Best of CES 2010


Best in Show: Intel Core i5 Processor

The most outstanding member of the Intel family by far is the Core i5, which brings high-end performance to mainstream notebooks.
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Best Notebook: IdeaPad U1 Hybrid

Things get interesting when you detach this notebook's 11.6-inch screen, transforming it into a slick and versatile tablet.
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Best Smartbook: Lenovo Skylight

The breathtakingly thin, beautifully rounded Skylight looks like it's on loan from the future.
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Best Netbook: Viliv S10 Blade

The Viliv S10 takes netbooks to the next level.
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Best Smart Phone: LG GW990

The LG GW990 is the first smart phone to be powered by Intel's Moorestown Atom processor.
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Best App: Parrot AR.Drone

Our favorite app at this year's CES demonstrates what happens when you think outside the screen.
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Best Storage: Clickfree C2N

Backing up multiple computers doesn't get much simpler than the C2N backup drive series.
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Best Home Entertainment: Boxee Box

Boxee and D-Link partnered to create one of the most compelling products to appear at CES 2010.
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Best Accessory: Powermat Portable

We lamented the fact that the original Powermat had to be plugged into a wall. No need for our tears now.
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Best PMP: Valups Tivit

The Tivit from Valups is a fun accessory that enables users to view free Mobile DTV broadcasts on their mobile device.
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Best eReader: Alex eReader

Price: 359

Spring Design's Alex eReader impressed us by combining a standard 6.0-inch EPD screen with a large and useful 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen in a slim device.
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Best Camera: Sony Cybershot DSC-TX7

This premium point-and-shoot combines scads of features that are as impressive as they are useful.
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Best Software: Splashtop 2.0

Splashtop, the instant-on operating system found in every notebook brand from ASUS to HP to Lenovo, won us over anew.
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Best GPS: Dual Electronics XGPS300 Cradle

The Dual Electronics XGPS300 cradle will turn the iPod touch into a fully-functional GPS navigator.
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Best Green Gadget: iGO Laptop Charger

The iGo Laptop Charger earns its green cred by automatically knowing when to shut off, thus eliminating the scourge of vampire power.
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Readers' Choice Award: BlackBerry Presenter

Price: 199

The BlackBerry Presenter lets you connect to a projector and do PowerPoint slideshows, complete with animation, straight from your BlackBerry phone.
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