Tablet World Series Championship Game: ThinkPad Tablet vs. Sony Tablet S. Voting Ends 10/31 at 9 a.m. ET.

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Tablet World Series Championship Game: ThinkPad Tablet vs. Sony Tablet S

After six rounds of tablet action, it all comes down to this. For the title in this year's Tablet World Series, Lenovo's ThinkPad Tablet faces off against Sony's Tablet S. In case you don't know much about these super slates, here's a quick rundown of their capabilities.

Update (10/31): The ThinkPad Tablet has won by a wide margin of 63 to 37!

Sony Tablet S

The Sony Tablet S isn't your average 10-inch Android Honeycomb tablet. With a special folding design, the ability to use it as TV remote, and access to PlayStation games, this slate stands out in a crowd.

However, the Tablet S is far from perfect. In our testing, the tablet suffered from plenty of lag. DLNA sharing was also hit-or-miss. 

Sony Tablet S Review

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet

ThinkPad TabletThe first serious Android business tablet, Lenovo's 10-inch ThinkPad Tablet has an active stylus which uses N-Trig DuoSense technology and a powerful note-taking app which converts your scribbles into ASCII text. Better still, the ThinkPad tablet features the encryption and remote wipe capability IT departments demand. UI enhancements like Lenovo's App wheel and the ability to close programs from the layers menu round out this unique offering.

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Review

Which tablet gets to be the world champion and which goes home empty handed? Vote in the poll below by Monday, 10/31 at 9 a.m. ET to help decide.

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  • iris rhodes Says:

    Useful piece . I Appreciate the insight , Does anyone know where I might grab a template a form version to fill out ?

  • Indopunk Says:

    I bet if the Touchpad had been entered in this contest, it would have won...hands down. WebOS users are a loyal/fanatical bunch.

  • Ken Says:

    I have been using ThinkPad over 10 years. ThinkPad Tablet is the best for reliablity.

  • avmaxfan Says:

    Yes. In the last 6 hours of the contest Thinkpad got more than 600 votes while in the same period Sony Tablet S received no more than 50!!!! Tablet S was in the lead and BAM!!! final 7 hours Lenovo comes out of nowhere and pulls up a huge victory with tablet S literally just standing there.

  • Ramy Zayan Says:

    ThinkPad tablet ROCKS ...... the best

  • ty Says:

    I own a thinkpad, I love it but it sucks that it has a full SD card slot but I can't use my 128gb SDXC card

  • GG Says:

    The only way lenovo tablet won is bcoz they hired a few 'made in china' folks to up the votes. I have seen this tablet and it is impossible that even the one who owns it would vote in favor!

  • rahrahrah Says:

    I haven't bought a Lenovo as yet, but I intend to. I wish it came in a 3G model. While I can work out a tethering solution with my phone I would rather not have to. I've heard reports of a slightly buggy software experience. I hope that they address this. I hope that they work to integrate the note-taking function across the user experience.

    The ports, HDMI, USB, SD, are great. The speaker experience definitely needs to be upgraded. I know it's targeted at business users but still, I listen to music at home alone on occasion and wouldn't mind a reasonable experience without headphones. This is a silly requirement.

    While the idea of a folio is attractive I'd rather an integrated stand that allows me to lay the tablet on the table at a reasonable angle and touch type using the screen keyboard. Autodesk's software is a real standout for a pressure sensitive tablet. I hope that Lenovo anticipates motion sensitivity, a gesture sensitive stylus might have interesting applications.

    I posted this competition on the Lenovo thinkpad forum's facebook page. I hope that visitors came here in drove and voted for the thinkpad. I really see the tablet as the future of computing for me. As someone who occasionally uses a cad program with at most 12 layers and does no 3D modeling I could see having a tablet, an external hard-drive and an external monitor as my computing power.

  • andy Says:

    Oh just one more thing that I had to comment about, lenovo is leaving comments here about how its more convenient to use. How so? How does its larger size, one third heavier, make it more convenient to use? And those questioning the sonys design, the lenovo is really ugly looks like one of those cheap ebay tablets. The sony has to be held to see its merits. Holding it on the spine. Is super comfortable. And please dont bring the slider into this, if people wanted a netbook, they would buy one and be far more productive than the asus. Well done asus on defeating the point of a tablet.

  • andy Says:

    Well its a question of work vs play. For work with the note taking,gorrila glass the lenovo is better. For play with the ergonomics, true black display, playstation, ir remote and the fact that it is alot lighter is a bonus. Then you must take into account the price difference. Imo the so

  • Jack Z Says:

    I got THINKPAD finally, although higher price than SONY's, for my point, if I only have 500 for tablet, I will choice ipad 2, iOS is good!! Now I spend about 600 on this thinkpad, if comes USB!! USB~~~ full size USB

    Also, I need to use sketchbook and THINKPAD's stylus works nice!!
    And... if there is deal in X'mas, I will consider that keyboard case for thinkpad. That's an amazing accessory.

    I am also interested in LePad, but it is not sold in the America...

  • avmaxfan Says:

    Sony Tablet S runs Android 3.2 honeycomb not 3.1.

  • John Crazy Says:

    iPad beaten by Asus --- this is impossible.
    This thing is a fraud...
    Lets go Lenovo :)

  • lkt Says:

    i love the class

  • js Says:

    Eason, have you read about the ThinkPad or used it with its keyboard folio? It's keyboard is ThinkPad quality and is significantly better than the eee.

  • Zeuxidamas Says:

    I've either owned or extensively used 3 of the tablets in the chart, and I am amazed, but happy, that the Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet made it to the championship. I would have expected more mainstream tabs to make it instead.

    Productivity is in the hand of the he who produces. When journalists claim that tablets are media consumption devices only, it is largely invalid because the workflow of a tech journalist does not mirror the typical office use-case of most of the country.

    I like hardware keyboards, but I do not know what it is people need that makes them declare that virtual keyboards are impossible to use for productivity. Maybe it is because I am not a classic touch-typist or because I have had to use so many different keyboards while travelling that the lack of a hardware keyboard is only marginally discouraging in terms of productivity.

    Regardless, I continue to engage in a lot of my workflow via taking notes and sketching out diagrams, so the ThinkPad Tablet has been a good fit, and comes in at about a third of the cost of a decent TabletPC. The cost is a decent trade-off for the increased portability and I pair it with a Microsoft BT 6000 keyboard at work. I only need the keyboard when I am at my desk; on the go and in the boardroom, I take hand-written notes. I would love the keyboard of the Slider, but if I have to make a choice, I will take an active digitizer and a separate keyboard over an integrated keyboard any day.
    - Vr/ZxD

  • jh Says:

    Go Sony Tablet!

  • Eason Says:

    None because both tablets are just Android 3.1 and doesn't feature physical typing. Good luck in being productive in both tablets. Asus Eee Pad Slider is definitely better that those two.

  • ahaks Says:


    how the ipad2 bring more innovation ? whats innovation in ipad2 ? So far, tablet S has some innovations...IR remote, DLNA, PS certified, quick load website algorithm...

  • Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet Says:

    Thinkpad Tablet is best and most convenient for use.

  • Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet Says:

    Thinkpad is BEST

  • Michael A. Says:

    After all the "voting" these are the two remaining contenders? Really? Sorry, but after using the Lenovo Thinkpad for 2 days & playing with the Sony just an afternoon I can't fathom how either tablet legitimately beat-out other tablets. The iPad 2 & even the nearly lifeless HP TouchPad bring more innovation & productivity (potential) than either of the two finalists. Can we have a "write-in" candidate vote? ; P

  • steven Says:


    Some of my friends also dislike the design. That I can live with. However, have you actually tried the Sony Tablet? I own one, and it's awesome! Laptop Mag's declarations that the Sony Tablet is "far from perfect" and suffers "from plenty of lag" are due to the fact that they reviewed a pre-production model before the Tablet S was released, and didn't bother to update that review with post-production comparison. So take their opinion with a grain of salt.

  • steven Says:

    Go, Sony Tablet! Haha.

  • Curtropolis Says:

    I just can not stand the Sony design. It just does nothing for me. When I first saw it on the internet I thought it was a fold over cover simular to the I-Pad2 but it is just an ugly design (sorry...) So I wasn't realy voting for the other tablet, I was just voting against the Sony design and if it has so many flaws and made it this far in the series what does that say about the other tablets.

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