Smartphone Madness 2013: HTC One vs. Nokia Lumia 920

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Smartphone Madness Nokia Lumia 920 vs. HTC OneAre you on the edge of your seats, smartphone fans? Because we are. While the Smartphone Madness 2013 match that ended this morning between the Google Nexus 4 and the BlackBerry Z10 was a fun one to watch, we have to give props to BlackBerry fans for taking home 64.73 percent of the vote. Today's tip-off between the HTC One and Nokia Lumia 920 promises to be just as exciting as Android faces off against the Windows Phone 8 flagship. Who will win, however, is totally up to you.

HTC One vs. Nokia Lumia 920The superfast HTC One overtook the ASUS FonePad with 63 percent of the vote and the BlackBerry Q10 with 61 percent of the vote. Can they maintain that steady pace against such a rabid fanbase as those of the Windows Phone community? We think it's certainly got a shot. The HTC One is an international superstar with immediate plans to immigrate. During our review we found a lot to love in this 4.7-inch Android device. Between its stunning design, sharp 1080p display, remote control functionality for TV and stellar low-light camera, there's lots to love. But will it be enough?

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Not only did the Windows Phone-powered Nokia Lumia 920's older brother, the 900, win last year's Smartphone Madness competition, but the 920 also took down a titan in the Samsung Galaxy S4 matchup. Nokia fans rallied to get an amazing 93.91 percent of the vote. If they can pull it out again today remains to be seen. But we do know that this Editors' Choice-winning phone is slick and colorful. We've praised it for its superb PureView camera, eye-popping 4.5-inch HD screen and integrated wireless charging. We also love Nokia's useful preloaded apps.

So who will you send to the finals? Will you vote for the HTC One with Android or the Nokia Lumia 920 with Windows Phone? The polls will remain open for the next 2 days, but only until 4/5/13 at 9 a.m. EST, so don't wait too long.

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  • Ched Says:

    everyone who is voting for the Nokia lumina 920 is not actually voting for the phone. They are voting for the Windows operating system. I admit the Windows OS is very solid. It takes a little to get used to but overall I think is the superior operating system and overtime will dominate the market. However when considering raw performance and phone hardware the Galaxy s4 is the clear choice. If I could put Windows 8 Mobile on my galaxy s4 I would do it in a heartbeat.

    PS I used the speech to text application to type this entire comment using my galaxy s4 and did not need to correct a single word.

  • Ched Says:

    This is absolutely laughable.

    If you take construction material out of the equation the galaxy s4 is hands down the superior device.

    I own an HTC one, galaxy s4, blackberry z10, lg optimus g pro and nexus 4.

    After using each for a week the galaxy s4 is the clear dominate phone. The 5" screen is considerably larger and clearer than the HTC one.

    The only plus I found the HTC one had over the galaxy s4 was the sturdy feel due to the aluminum frame. But in My OpInIOn the HTC one is ugly with too much bezel and multiple colors. The silver frame and black bezel around the smaller 4.7" screen distracted me too often.

    The galaxy s4 is noticeably faster than all the phones I tested too.

    Honestly the optimus g pro runs a closer 2nd to s4. That phone is just too big for 1 handed use.

  • asif Says:

    I love nokia lumia 920 very much than that of any andriod phones

  • JavP Says:

    Everyone is fighting each other about os and cameras but the reality is that we have to consider all the aspects of this phones, yes droid os useful and its phones has twice rams and more capabilities but still lags even on s3 or 4 and this htc one, windowsphone is more stable and smooth, doesnt even that amount of ram and till this very day has more funtionality and innovations in so many ways, YDAY THEY JUST ANNOUNCE THE FACEBOOK PHONE meh a cheap copy of windows phones live tiles n hub.. So droid phones and even ios are taking some wp capabilities so u have to wonder and consider its legit. Now Nokia 920 is a real tank in hardware desing plus its a beauty, even htc is a fine lady there already been some post and reviews that considers it irreparable so at the end 920 is more solid device in all aspects hardware wise!

  • Dave Says:

    Nokia Lumia 920. I also vote that you add voting buttons or provide a link to

  • Jonathan Says:

    While I own a Lumia 920, and am LOVING it, HTC should still be accredited for their great phone. The One really does outperform plenty of flagship phones at the moment. It's a beautiful piece of hardware.

    As for OS, WP8 is smooth and quick for me. Missing lots of the apps that I had on my Android Galaxy Note, though. I simply got bored of rooting, flashing new ROMS, etc. Too much customization, if you will.

    Apps, WP8....Apps.

  • Kevin Salt Says:

    Another win for the internet bully boys ... Enjoy the shallow victory. The real war is in the hight streets of the world ... If there was any justice in the world, those sad Nokia Army yobs would be denied access to any other phone once Nokia goes out of business .. which they will .. and they should be left, doomed to the rest of their lives with that tedious, unresponsive, garishly coloured, windows brick the Nokia Ludicrous 0.920

  • WP8 Says:

    I'm writing this on my beloved 8X, and I have to say that, although WP8 is smooth and stable and has that nice animation, I still think that android is a more developed OS. May not be the best, but certainly I prefer it over WP8. Because I like to have my device works as I intend it to be, and my previous experience with android shows that I could be more efficient using android instead of WP8, save for Office, which I find terrific. And for those talking about Trojan, malware, carrierIQ; wtf are you talking? If you know what you are doing, then there's nothing to worry about. You'll only get malware from side loading pirated apps, a karma I must say for not supporting developers. And carrierIQ was present in older devices, but now? I guess it was a bad enough publications that they decided to exclude that nowadays. So yeah. Use something more relevant. I also believe that Nokia is a great phonemaker, better than HTC or Samsung (don't need to mention apple here), but I feel that after Elop came in, it becomes some sort of MS slave and slightly big headed like apple. I still think that Symbian is far better an OS than WP8, but hey, Elop was from MS. Killing Symbian is one of the worst Nokia's decisions ever made

  • Bobert_123 Says:


  • Keith Says:

    The Lumia isn't even the best Windows Phone. I've used it, it's thick, leavy, laggy and buggy. Samsung ATIV was a much better experience for me. The HTC One is probably the best Android phone currently out there but I guess there's nothing that can overwhelm the WP Army.

  • Orc Says:

    Steve, the problem with android is that it still don't work very well even if you close every app. As for hardware Lumia works great on its hardware, do we need it to work beyond great? What's 4 cores gonna do when it works just fine on two?

    So what does the one has that Lumia is missing, 1080P display? That's just ridiculous on a phone.

  • Steve Says:

    “Windows 8 beats Android on litterally every level”

    Really? Have you used Android? I have an Android and a WP8. There are a million things that I couldn't do with WP8 that I could do on Android. There were some novel touches on WP8, but really? Can't even close a background app without re-entering the app and hitting "back" 20 times. This is a better OS?

  • Steve Says:

    Are you guys serious? The Lumia 920 over the One? What are you smoking? Have you even seen another phone? The 920 is thick and ugly. It runs last year's hardware on an OS that is only 80% finished and has only 50% of the app support it needs. The only nice thing about it is the camera.

  • Rick Says:

    How the BB Z10 is in the final is beyond me.

  • Razikh Says:

    I love my white Nokia Lumia 920!

  • Orc Says:

    All my Android devices looked very good on paper. But real life performance degraded over time. So even if One has some great specs, it can't beat Lumia 920 on performance. 920 is the best smartphone I ever owned.

  • david Says:

    How come BB Z10 declared winner with Lumia 920 without face-off?

  • Kevin Salt Says:

    I work in a small company and there are currently 18 of us using HTC phones of one sort or another. After the first person voted the rest of us are excluded from the vote ... this seems a little odd.

    Not a problem because the Nokia/WP8 Army was always going to overwhelm this vote, but I thought the moderators needed to know.

  • Yeah Sure Says:

    "Windows 8 beats Android on litterally every level" ... except, of course where it counts most - software availability. The range of apps available for the WP8 ecosystem is pitiful compared with Android and IOS, and the developer uptake is tiny. After all, why bother writing for a lock in when you can write for an open system .. and if you do choose a lock in, do you go for the biggest non Android market or the Redmond Also-ran ...

    Get real @Martin-Z .. Nokia is a dying duck and windows is a late starter. I applaud your loyalty to the brand whilst at the same time lamenting your ignorance of the facts. It's the high street where the votes really count not the tech magazines or manipulated polls overrun by the fanboy herd. In the place where the slappers in the hairdressers, the yobs in the pub, and the everyday pepole everywhere buy the name they see on their TV sets, their fridges, and every advertisement that's in their faces, marketing wins the battles .. and that's the undisputed territory of Samsung and Apple and the graveyard of Nokia. And when the dust settles, and the giants go home to count their loot ... HTC and Sony will have pulled in a respectable third and fourth place in the real world .. the place where what yuo spend represents how you vote.

  • Ryan Smith Says:

    Seriously? The Lumia 920 is beating the HTC One... I love the Lumia 920... But no, I'm sorry HTC One should take this one.

  • Kevin Salt Says:

    @Maryin Z - You really have to be kidding me ?? .. Is that what the Nokia army qweb site pump your heads with while they teach you how to overvote the polls???

    In the high street, software availability and brand awareness sells phones, not some bunch of rabid diehards who can shout louder than everyone else, and neither WP8 nor Nokia have anywhere near the portfolio of software that Android or IOS have ... and as for brand awareness .. heh heh ... the Nokia Army are managing to ruin any credibility Nokia had in that respect too ... Who want to buy a phone supported by a bunch of internet thugs ??? Go Nokia - You're on the way down, but first .. don't forget to dig your own grave. The big guys are too busy selling phones.

  • ngtrungt Says:

    vote 920,fan nokia,winphone

  • Bobert_123 Says:

    Me thinks something fishy's going on

  • Martin Z Says:

    Phil T: The fact that you say Android Jelly Bean is better than WINDOWS 8 (not Windows Phone 8) makes it extra clear you are out of you mind :-) .
    Windows 8 beats Android on litterally every level. Windows Phone 8 beats Android in terms of stability, usability, design, ease-of-use, hardware requirements - almost all levels too.
    Sorry bro, get over it, acknowledge defeat.

  • Flux Says:

    so sorry for the Nokia Army they did not find this one in time :-P

    Lumia 920 already out. ohhhhh

  • raulj Says:

    you idiots that are blaming "the nokia army" for this, just means that nokia is doing a great job at what they do and they have earned the respect of all these people so just shut up because nokia is the next big thing...again

  • Howard Says:

    The HTC One has a much faster and more capable processor, twice the RAM, a much better screen, a bigger battery, etc. and is *still* thinner than the Lumia. And in terms of design, there's really no comparison.

    I guess there were people who preferred the first-gen New Beetle to a Z3 as well...

  • rjmlive Says:

    The design of the HTC One is very nice. Unfortunately, it's an Android device and although it's powerful and certainly functional, it doesn't have the finesse of WP8 for me. I do like the news feed home screen, that's an upgrade to the live-tiles to a certain degree, and to be fair, Android is slowly becoming more and more Metro, I'm sure the next version it will be hard to distinguish from Windows Phone.

    The innovations in the 920 are hard to ignore. Of all Android devices, the HTC One is the best so far and it's camera is quite good, but the Lumia 920 is a better product, considering all factors.

  • Malicx Says:

    Lumia 920 is my winner.

  • Moji Says:

    Only htc one love love love

  • bri Says:

    @Phil T as someone who just owned an S3 before getting a 920. Jelly Bean can not keep with Microsofts services, and WP's stability is a huge factor over Android. Xbox Music with Pass > Google Play's music, HERE > Google Maps, Outlook > gmail, skydrive > drive, Office > docs, the list goes on. Even Bing is now on par with Google search. Apps are finally starting to release in a massive way, and their Android counterparts are weak compared to WPs apps, Pandora and united being great examples.

  • Kelly Says:

    Definitely Nokia, Windows Phone 8 is so much superior to Android 4!!!

  • Zero Says:

    Oh dear! Definitely Nokia because of the hardware and OS. Android is worst piece of junk OS I've seen!! Android is horrible, slow, lags at every touch and you get viruses on it too. What a joke of an OS. Windows Phone slaughters android in every way possible.

  • Phil T Says:

    Android Jelly Bean is better than Windows 8 in almost every single way. This comes from someone who has owned devices that run each OS.

  • Keith H Says:

    The Lumia 920 has a much better camera, better styling, more colour choices, legendary Nokia support and a far better OS. And doesn't come with CarrierIQ or any other trojans or spyware. It's not even close.

  • Flux Says:

    oh dear. here we go again. Thanks to Nokia Army this will get about 9000 voters for a phone and an ecosystem that virtually everyone thats not on Nokias payroll will agree on its inferior

  • kem Says:

    Well i m using lumia 920 and also an gs3... I love my 920... Android is truly leggy.. Gs3 has quad core processor, 2gb ram... still android lags.. And windows runs on dual core with 1 gb ram... Wow still it's very smooth plus i dint care about apps... I have whatever i needed... Before 920 i was using omnia w wp7 .. It's running super smooth even on single core processor with 512mb of ram... Wow super OS windows is... I love it .... 920 is best in my opinion.. Whatever people say but 920 is best... My vote is for lumia... Love it

  • Kenz Says:

    Nokia Lumia 920, of course. It's still the most advanced smartphone I've ever bought.

  • Tommy Says:

    This poll is retarded, not because of Lumia 920vs HTC One, but because BB Z10 won over the Sony V and Note II. Anyone keeping a Z10 for more than 14days is paying a premium price for sub €200 droid/WP7 performance/experience.

  • Lewis Says:

    Doesn't the fact that there is a "Nokia Army" mean they're doing something right? I own the 920 and it's fantastic. :)

  • Jakub M Says:

    @Kevin happily you will stay in your suburbs. Go Nokia!

  • Mark Says:

    "The polls will remain open for the next 2 days, but only until 4/8/13 at 9 a.m. EST so don’t wait too long."

    4/8/2013 is 5 days from today.

    Shouldn't the poll be closed on 4/5/2013

  • bayu Says:

    It doesn't matter which one wins, this doesn't mean anything. Other than the camera, which btw is about the same level, the One beats the crap put of the 920. And if the 920 wins, it doesn't mean that it's the better phone. It only means that Nokia fanboys can't see objectively which phone is actually better, and that they successfully rallied to vote for yesteryear's best phone (well, I still think that 920 beats the S3).

  • Kevin Salt Says:

    what a total fiasco ... Enjoy your success in the poll Nokia Army ... It's the high streets of the world that will decide the real winners.

  • ha tony Says:

    vote lumia 920, very good

  • laoyop Says:

    Re: mag.

    same thing with the z10. whichever phone wins doesn't mean it beats the other phones either. It's a lot to do with preference and people who have used a phone and actually like it enough to care.

    don't be a sore loser, mag.

  • James Says:

    Specs on both are good. The OS puts the Lumia way ahead. Every droid phone i had has been painful. Can't trust google.

  • maxime Says:

    htc one is this year's phone and only slightly betters last years nokia 920...and in just small ways..can't wait for nokia's reply to the htc one. nokia rules design! don't even start mentioning apple, they became boring and generic

  • bigbenbiggy Says:

    mag sorry, but the Nokia Lumia 920 owns all the other phone bitches.

  • Phoneist Says:

    Two great phones, but I will give my vote to Lumia 920, for its originality. It was the first in many things, Full OIS, supersensitive screen, wireless charging (I know it wasn't ultimately the first), rich recording, zirconium decorations, etc. A very Nokia-like device, so I'll give a vote for a comeback!

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