Olympus Patents Wearable Modular Camera

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Look out Google. Olympus may be coming for your Glass business. According to SlashGear, Olympus is priming itself to launch its own wearable display. A patent for a "Camera and Wearable Image Display Apparatus," has been discovered. Which means that the company wants to divide a digital camera into two separate parts: an display that's worn over your eye and an imaging unit.
Instead of bombarding users with a multitude of notifications like Google Glass, Olympus is looking to create a more focused photography experience.  Splitting the camera up would also make for a lighter, more portable camera overall. It gives more flexibility in how photos are framed -- enabling shots above or below the photog while still delivering a clear preview shot.

Olympus' display would connect wirelessly to a camera and would switch between two modes (image preview and review) when the camera is held still to snap one or more photos. A vibration sensor in the camera could be used to activate the eyepiece. The eyepiece would employ a movable shutter that could selectively block outside light, creating a clear virtual display to accurately review shots.

Via SlashGear

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