Best & Worst Laptop Brands 2017

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When you're shopping for a laptop, the brand matters as much as the specs and features. That's why, each year, we evaluate the top notebook manufacturers and publish our Best and Worst Laptop Brands rankings. For 2017, Lenovo has knocked Apple out of its long-held top position. Asus and Dell take second and third place.

To pick the winners, losers and also-rans, we evaluated the 10 biggest laptop brands to determine which offer the best combination of quality products, cutting-edge innovation, helpful support, sleek designs and strong value. Because of its modest review scores, expensive products and lack of ports, Apple fell all the way down to fifth place after receiving top honors every year since the Best and Worst Brands debuted in 2010.


Lenovo leaped into first place on the strength of its many highly-rated laptops, groundbreaking technologies and vastly improved customer support. Asus took second, thanks to a deep, value-filled lineup. Dell rounded out the top three on the strength of its superior premium laptops and helpful warranty coverage.

See how all the brands fared below, and how we evaluated them.


1. Lenovo (90/100)

When 58 percent of your laptops get a rating of 4 stars or better, you're having a great year. Lenovo wowed us with laptops that had epic battery life (three different ThinkPads lasted more than 17 hours on a charge), gorgeous designs like the bezel-free screen on the Yoga 910 and innovative features like the Halo keyboard on the Yoga Book. The company also provided helpful support with no hold times in our tests.


Best Lenovo Laptops | See Lenovo's Full Report Card


2. Asus (86/100)

If you're looking for the best combination of quality and features for the money, look no further than Asus. The company also does a fantastic job of pushing the innovation envelope with a high-end, water-cooled gaming rig and eye-popping designs, like the royal-blue-and-gold aluminum chassis on the ZenBook 3.


Best Asus Laptops | See Asus' Full Report Card


3. Dell (83/100)

Dell has an extremely compelling laptop lineup, headlined by the Dell XPS 13, our favorite notebook overall, the XPS 15 and the company's Alienware gaming rigs. The company pushed the boundaries of design and functionality this year by offering an OLED screen on the Alienware 13, and by developing the super-svelte XPS 13 2-in-1. Dell also offers a strong factory warranty with plenty of options to extend your coverage.


Best Dell Laptops | See Dell's Full Report Card


4. HP (82/100)

HP combines a broad overall lineup with a few great Ultrabooks and strong warranty coverage.


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5. Apple (78/100)

The company's MacBooks are slim, powerful and well-built, but you'll need pile of money and a bagful of dongles. The company's support and warranty options are second to none.


Best Apple Laptops | See Apple's Full Report Card


6. Acer (78/100)

Acer combines a broad selection of affordable laptops with the best support of any PC vendor. However, many of its products got middling ratings.


Best Acer Laptops | See Acer's Full Report Card


7. MSI (76/100)

MSI has a wide selection of gaming laptops, many with powerful specs and innovative features. However, its tech support is among the worst we tested.


Best MSI Laptops | See MSI's Full Report Card


8. Razer (73/100)

Included in our Best and Worst Brands ratings for the first time this year, Razer makes a handful of high-quality gaming laptops and Ultrabooks. The company's products are strong, but its support falls short.


See Razer's Full Report Card


9. Samsung (68/100)

The company makes a couple of innovative Chromebooks, but most of its small selection of laptops got middle-of-the-road ratings. The company's tech support resources are also disappointing.


Best Samsung Laptops | See Samsung's Full Report Card


10. Microsoft (66/100)

Microsoft ranks lowest, because the company did hardly anything new during our test period. Its only new laptop was the Surface Book with Performance Base, and just the dock was new. Still, the company's handful of premium 2-in-1s are pretty good choices, if you can afford them.


See Microsoft's Full Report Card


How We Rate Brands

Each company is assigned a score based on a 100-point scale. Points are awarded in six different categories: Design, Reviews, Tech Support, Warranty, Innovation and Value and Selection. Here's what each means.

Reviews (35 points):The most important aspect of any brand is the quality of its products. To determine a company's Reviews category score, we used the ratings we gave its laptops between Feb. 1, 2016, and Feb. 28, 2017. We took the average laptop rating for each brand (Laptop Mag rates on 1 to 5 scales), converted that average rating to a 35-point scale, and then added a 0.5-point bonus for each Editors’ Choice award.

Design (15 points): We absolutely will judge a notebook by its cover — and its sides, deck, bezel and base. Though no two notebooks look exactly the same, each brand has a design language that cuts across its product lines.

Brand Reviews (35) Design (15) Support (20) Innovation (10) Value & Selection (15) Warranty (5) Overall (100)
Lenovo 31 14 17 10 14 4 90
ASUS 30 15 14 9 15 3 86
Dell 26 13 15 9 15 5 83
HP 27 14 16 7 14 4 82
Acer 27 12 18 6 13 2 78
Apple 28 13 19 7 6 5 78
MSI 30 10 13 8 11 4 76
Razer 28 11 15 8 8 3 73
Samsung 25 11 13 6 10 3 68
Microsoft 29 9 16 4 5 3 66

Tech Support (20 points): When you buy a laptop, you want to know that the manufacturer is going to stand behind it and help you with technical problems. We base this score on the ratings from our annual Tech Support Showdown, where we go undercover and pose questions to all of the companies, using their phone, web and social channels. To reach our score out of 20 points, we divided the last Tech Support Showdown rating, which is out of 100, by 5.

Innovation (10 points): The laptop market is moving fast, and if you stand still, you'll get rolled over. For the Innovation category, we awarded points based on the brand's ability to move the market forward by implementing or developing new technologies, as well as taking risks.

Value and Selection (15 points): How many different kinds of shoppers does the manufacturer address, and do the products provide good bang for your buck? For this category, we awarded points for offering a wide range of laptop types (budget, business, gaming, etc.) and for providing aggressive pricing.

Warranty (5 points): If something goes wrong with your laptop, how easy will it be to get it serviced? Most companies offer a standard one-year warranty; but some make you pay for shipping when you send in a product for repairs. Companies got credit for selling laptops with longer warranties or free accidental-damage protection and for offering a variety of extended warranty options. They lost some credit for policies that void your warranty for upgrading the RAM or for passing along the shipping costs.

best worst laptop


Comings and Goings

This year was the first year we included Razer laptops on our list, because we felt that the company has become a large-enough player in the industry to evaluate. By the same token, we removed Toshiba from our list after that company stopped selling consumer laptops in the U.S. market.

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  • Aavash rathore Says:

    Best laptop search for my official work

  • prologin solutions Says:

    Nice post. Lenovo is a good brand.

  • Jamie Cuticchia Says:

    This ranking has limited value. As an example HP has everything from the Best Buy "HP Laptops" to the Envy and Spectre Line. I have no idea how you can create such rankings with EACH manufacturer having diverse lines.

  • Abhishek Ranjan Says:

    I need new laptop approx 60th thousands....... Can any one suggest me which is batter....... Laptop name plz... Thnks

  • Micael Marques Says:

    Forget all that! Clevo everyday of the week!

  • Hannah L Says:

    Lenovo is not the best brand! I bought what I thought would be a good durable laptop that would last me! NOPE! Within the first six months I had to have the keyboard and mouse replaced! Constantly had issues! In the end the system board and hard drive failed AT THE SAME TIME! The thinkpad brand was supposed to be good! Not in this case! Lenovo customer service also no help! DO NOT BUY A LENOVO!

  • Basavaraj Angadi Says:

    Pl forward rates of best laptops all range

  • Dell Tech support before Says:

    Dont buy dell units after warranty expires
    you will get a prompt that your system has a virus, or a malware that would corrupt the operating system and you need to call for tech support then they will ask you for a payment, bussiness right

  • Varmit Says:

    Asus is the most durable and best built from my experience. I am sending this from a model I bought in 2011 and it still outperforms others of today that I have seen. Asus lasts and they require little maintenance.

  • Mikael D Says:

    Why didn't you test any of System76's laptops?

  • DAStagg Says:

    Very impressive, but the downfall of these laptops is the operating system, Microsoft Windows.
    In 2009 I threw the complete Windows IT systems out and changed my complete office to Apple.
    Result, not one minute of downtime, no more blue screens, OS updates possible without the need to reinstall all the programmes. This increased productivity! Since the change I have never looked back.
    I am not married to Apple but they produce thetop quality products I need for my business.

    If the top laptops in the said test were equipped with the Mac OS and were as reliable as the MacBooks I have in my office then I might be inclined to consider using one of these but only as a test.

  • JohnF Says:

    DELL - XPS or Inspiron 7000 series. Period. I have owned at least 2 dozen since the 90s and have never been sorry. They work well, easy to repair, the support website is up 24x7, drivers are easy to find and install, you can use Chat to talk to techs for issues, and they last for years. Sure there are haters and horror stories - they exist for every brand. I have worked with all brands for some 30 years now and I ONLY buy Dell.

  • Robert P. Hartle Says:

    I'll take the user experience of a Macbook Pro over any of the others... Testing is subjective at best.. Using them to run a Digital Media Business since 2011... Priceless.

  • Joe Bean Says:

    This is interesting, but it lacks something very important: reliability.

    This should have a lot of weight. If you buy laptops that breaks after 3-4 years vs lasting 6-8 years, you are paying much more than for a better brand.

    Asus used to have much more reliable laptops, along with Apple. Where is everybody standing now?

    It is not fun to buy a premium laptop if you have one chance out of five to have an issue during the first year.

    Sure, warranty is nice, but it is much better to not have issues in the first place.

  • Aravind Says:

    Totally agreable. Just cant believe the huge variations that have taken place in the list.

  • Ronald Abate Says:

    I have been using a Toshiba Chromebook for 3 years. I will NEVER go back to using Apple or Microsoft. Chromebooks are tops for cost and reliability; and they are FAST!

  • Christoph THOMAS Says:

    Apple? They should not be in here - they are nice shiny objects to impress people with - but laptops ? What laptops ?

  • Michael Pyae Says:

    My really favorite laptop brands are Dell and Apple.

  • Mike Brad Says:

    I've had and continue to enjoy my HP Spectre 14 since 2012. Best laptop I've ever had, best keyboard, definitely a quality built machine.

  • mjburke Says:

    my MacBook pro is 9 years old and zero trouble
    it has a 2.66 G processor
    4 G memory -i am writer so plenty space for me
    Ive spent $100 total -had it
    cleaned up as it slowed down over years, i had lot of crap on it, and now its back to great
    battery last 7-9 hours
    a bargin

  • Vince Says:

    Bought a ASUS (2016)from Best Buy on their recommendation. Must have gotten the one piece of crap they manufactured that year. Complained to ASUS and they wanted me to send it to them for up to several? weeks without a replacement or substitute, which I couldn't do. So, I'm putting up with multiple, and very frustrating issues, including a cursor that decides to move itself in the middle of typing, which somewhat destroys the text. Other issues equally frustrating. I'd be hard pressed to buy another one, especially because of the poor customer service.

  • brittany spencer Says:

    ahahah what? dell is trash. i tried to buy a dell xps. without warning, the product (that was out for delivery) was marked as "return to sender".

    The dep't that handles that was closed until Monday. My credit card had been charged. I call Monday. I'm told the dep't I need won't be open for another hour and to call back (after waiting on hold for 20 minutes). I call back. I get disconnected after 15 minutes of waiting. I get a hold of someone who was incredibly rude. He hangs up on me. I get transferred. I'm promised a refund that would happen 5 days later. It's been 10 days and I still haven't been refunded and I've had to file a dispute with my bank. I'm bamboozled by this rating.

  • Joe Smith Says:

    Reviews are worth the most? Yeah, cuz that makes sense since the Apple fan boys could have their house burn down and lose their family due to a laptop explosion and they'd still praise it..

  • John udo Says:

    I want to buy a labtop i this week.who can help me please Can i buy dell or toshiba labtop? Ur advise sbould be with specification .thank you !

  • Colin Tsang Says:

    Tuning in really hard and shity

  • torrie Says:

    To add to my previous comment... I meant bottom left corner. Other people have been having a similar issue since 2008 and HP has done nothing to fix it but one recall. The two broken laptops have the same issue. They are both HP Envies. Just stating why I hate HP and I'm hoping to help others from potentially wasting their money and the hassle.

  • torrie Says:

    I used to have a fairly decent experience with HP. My first laptop is an HP I got from Walmart that's still kicking. However, my most recent HP laptop is horrible. There literally is no fix. The issue that I'm having dates back to 2008 and unfortunately stuck with 2 broken laptops and possibly a 3rd one. Do not buy HP. Save yourself the trouble. I took one of my two broken laptops to get repaired and it would cost about $300 to fix plus! It was not a guarantee fix! It could break in the left bottom of the case again even if I got it "repaired". Never again will I buy HP... I hope no one else will have to go through this and waste hundreds of dollars for a computer to work for about a few months to a year...

  • smith Says:

    I want best please recommend the best smart faster

  • Read Square Trade Says:

    It all about overall quality that parts keep working together without any hardware problems. HP n' acer have weakest quality compared to asus /toshiba /sony. SquareTrade tells truth.

  • Sriyanjan Says:

    Whatever hp envy series is the best

  • Stephen Says:

    I've had the same HP since 2007 and it is still working great. I don't understand why people do not like HP. I have an HP Pavilion dv7 with the following:
    Processor: AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core Mobile RM-70 2.00GHz
    Graphics: ATI Radeon
    Ram: 4.00 GB
    Hardrive: 500 GB
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
    DVD/RW and Webcam.

  • martin Says:

    Have to disagree with Toshiba. Droped it from three feet going on 4 years 3 months ,no issues. Have Acer and the H popped off LOL.(2 months in)

  • William Fankboner Says:

    I notice there's no category for RELIABILITY! How can you recommend laptops that have such abysmal ratings at Amazon? For example: Dell XPS models that more than 50% of the purchasers swear they wouldn't buy again?

  • Beherrel Says:

    Bought a Lenova laptop last year, three months later the screen died, very poor customer service. Will never buy a Lenova product again.

  • A Murthy Says:

    we are going purchase Dell make lap top please send the quotation for different configuration systems

    please suggest which is the best Laptop

  • Ensen Says:

    I was a MSI user and I switched to and bought an ASUS ROG G752VL didn't disappoint me. Glad I switched but I didn't say MSI was bad the reason I switched is I like ASUS' Laptop designs more.

  • Robert Says:

    How can you name Apple the best in warranty? They do not respect their warranty, they do not follow statutory rights. This article is simply paid and bought by apple-fanboys... gross

  • Kevin Says:

    Typing this comment in my DELL Studio that I own for 5 years. Still packs a punch! Contrary to what people say with DELL, I have had no problems with it AT ALL.

    Owned a Toshiba and yes, Agree with it being the bottom on the list.

  • Michelle Says:

    I just got a Lenovo laptop,hope I didn't make a mistake.would like to know,if it's good,or i should return it. Please help!!!!

  • aviral Says:

    guys don't waste your money on hp i recently buyied it for 80k Rs. which is a huge sum of money and it proven to be a piece of trash. IDK how hp ranked 6 according to me it should me at last. So please it's my request don't waste your money on hp go for any other brand

  • Amelia Says:

    i used to have a toshiba like probably in 2011 at it WAS good but i dont know whats gone wrong with this company..

  • david Says:

    I think Dell and maybe some others are moving more to a integrated battery so the maybe can control who or where the battery is bought. beware kiddies.....

  • abdurehman yasin Says:

    Wich one, best on battry, speedacses,safty,and comfort

  • bruce Says:

    To me HP is the best, i have HP620 since 2009, still working, strong apart from battery i changed, nothing else, when next i want to buy, i go for HP

  • Debaditya Palodhi Says:

    Apple is the best. But Dell is not bed.

  • Dumbphone Says:

    I suggest to add the iFixIt score of recent MacBooks (1 on 10) to the list of criteria, that would certainly change the ranking of those machines. Can't understand how Apple come so high with portable computers which lack certains keys (such as "delete" or "hashtag"), have no dedicated numeric keypad, no DVD-reader/burner, no more USB ports... 5 on 5 on software, are you kidding ? The only thing which is correct in your ranking is the 5 on 15 for value : really much too expensive for what you get.

  • Lisa Parker Says:

    I CAN'T BELIEVE HP PRODUCTS EVEN MAKE NUMBER SIXTH ON THE LIST. WHAT EVER YOU DO DONT GO THROUGH HP SHOPPING OFFICIAL SITE ONLINE AN CUSTOMIZE TO BUY ITS YOUR YOUR LOSS MAYBE CAUSE IM CERTAINLY LOSING AN I CANT MAKE THIS UP AND ILL ADMIT YES THERE WAS IGNORANCE ON MY PART AND TIMES WHEN YOU WOULD SAY LISA ARE YOU STUPID AND THE ANSWER WOULD BE YES BUT END THE END ANSWER ME THIS AFTER THREE MONTHS SHOULD I HAVES A LAPTOP ......BOUGHT PAVILION APRIL 23 for 704.00 went bad after three weeks they tried two trouble shoot over phone didn't succeed told me to send it in for repair I said I do better then that I'll send it back to you for a refund. So I reorder LAPTOP NUMBER 2 did and upgrade paid 848.00 THIS and I'll remind I didn't get my refund back on NUMBER one until June 29 2016 because they had it sitting in the wrong warehouse on the same lot forever they too STUPID to figure it and it took me and ups almost 2 months To get my first refund back 😳 Now # 2 the upgrade I added wasn't there when I got the laptop I could not because it 😳👌 remember I'm sending this back basically no laptop since the one blew in may I got 704.00,I'm waiting for a refund and now 848.00, and I was STUPID enough to order NUMBER 3 and upgrade even more to 1200.00 AN still a pavilion a icore 5 16 mega bits window .... ok finally by July 1 received both refund third computer it had all components it was a beauty I take care of it treat it better then my kids and husband. From day one this thing never ran we'll always virus malware problems crap under hidden icon I mean it's like you have to spy and be a detective trying to fix the dam thing to get it to run right you can't enjoy reset I don't know how many times made it worse it just don't load unwanted crap from hp and Microsoft so your forced in to buying malware and virus protection other your bugged to death and I think it was let in TO my system purposely can't prove want say who or by who but just feel anyhow MY computer malware that pop Friday that I couldn't find out how to delete right away Saturday it went into UTILITY setup mode exactly what happen to pavilion NUMBER at three weeks but this is three months I picked it up yesterday and the part where you put are insert mouse pieces cracked (what the hell) and the first month I have a laptop tray which turns the laptop one time sides Across it not rough or hard just just slide across easy it look like I file a little spot with a finger nail file (unbelievable) not making this up for shock value I have 3 years accidental damage so it's covered but that's not my point I didn't pay 1200.00 for a laptop to malware me to death when it came with free protection to begin with constant window problems with hp and Microsoft invaded my privacy I feel like and not protecting where they should be AND for it cra cling and breaking when I pick it up with TO hands one on both ends and how it can't can't take a licking and keep on ticking he'll it couldn't even take take a rubbing without getting hurt WELL there will be no Palivion 4 I have gotten that smart I will not order through mail plan on adding on more things but now clueless

  • Joy Mason Says:

    I bought a brand new Toshiba satellite can`t remember how much it cost but it was not that cheap anyway after about a month it started going wrong I sent it back 2 or 3 times which I had to pay £65 (I think)and it still does not work then they decided that it might be the software and asked me to send it back which I refused because I thought I would have to pay another 60 odd quid so it is here collecting dust do NOT buy Toshiba.

  • Aravind Bharathi Says:

    I agree with Gloverboy6, at the same time i bought the Asus Zenbook UX305 and its absoluteky amazing.

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