Best & Worst Laptop Brands 2015

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The most important question we try to answer at Laptop Mag is the following: "What laptop should I buy?" It's a question with many facets and tons of possible answers. But, often, a good place to start is to decide which brand deserves your hard-earned dollars. Thus, we examine all the biggest notebook makers each year, taking a hard look at laptop quality, technical support, value and selection, and other criteria.

Best-Worst-Brands-2015-chart-finalSome brands climbed our rankings in 2015, such as HP and Dell, but others crashed. Lenovo fell from second place all the way to sixth, thanks in part to lackluster tech support and the loading of dangerous adware on some consumer laptops.

1st Place: Apple

The undisputed king of laptop brands for six years and counting, Apple retains the No. 1 spot in this year’s survey. The Cupertino, Calif.-based company won 5 out of the 9 categories, including a perfect score for its laptop reviews. Its tech support score is also stellar, and the brand's keyboards and touchpads, audio quality and preloaded software can't be beat. Assuming you have the budget, Apple laptops are the way to go.


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2nd Place: Dell 

Jumping up to second place, Dell's rise over the last year has been something to behold. The company took first place in the categories of innovation, value and selection, as well as in audio. We were also impressed with Dell's reviews and technical support, which all point to why the brand rose from fifth place to runner-up.


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3rd Place: HP 

HP also rose in the ranks this year, going from fourth to third. We're big fans of the company's designs, and the attention it pays to audio quality. For laptop shoppers, HP customers have a huge selection of prices, styles and configurations from which to choose, and once you’ve made a decision, you can trust in the quality of the technical support.


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How We Score

A brand's score hinges on many factors, from a company's ability to solve your problems to design and comfort. But we start by looking at the ratings and reviews of all laptops reviewed between January 31, 2014 to January 31, 2015.

For the Reviews category, points are awarded based on the ratings. For example, if a notebook had a rating of four stars, then it was awarded 4 points. A company received minus 1 point for any review lower than three stars, and was awarded 1 point for each Editors' Choice award. The total number of points for each brand were then added up and averaged. The company with the highest score received 20 points, while the rest received a percentage of that based on their score relative to the winner.


Our annual Tech Support Showdown forms the basis for that section. The scale starts with 20 points for an A+ score and goes down to 0 for an F. Within a grade (B-, B, B+) the point changes are less drastic than if a brand drops a full grade.

Design is essential in helping consumers choose a laptop. Thus, we look back at each brand's aesthetics, material choices and durability to come up with those 15 points possible.

We also examined how each brand fared in the individual benchmarks for Keyboard & Touchpads, Display and Audio categories. Those brands that beat the category averages for tests such as key travel, color brightness and accuracy as well as decibel output scored highest. We also examined our general experience with each brand in those categories for the last year.

A good score in the Innovation category points to an eagerness to embrace and successfully implement the newest technologies on the market. A good Value & Selection score is about how easy it is for a consumer to find and buy a brand's laptops, at a good price. The Software category score hinges on a company's branded and preloaded programs that come on new laptops. Are they useful, annoying, or — hopefully not — dangerous adware.

Best & Worst Laptop Brands 2015

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  • Sandor Says:

    Bought an asus 3 years ago the hard drive failed every year. Finally gave up on it going with an apple.

  • Sandor Says:

    Bought an asus 3 years ago the hard drive failed every year. Finally gave up on it going with an apple.

  • Kanaiyalal patel Says:

    It is very useful for everybody.

  • mfccep Says:

    I have a Lenovo Yoga which is the worst piece of junk I have ever had to use. The mouse pad is complete unusable.

  • Travis Says:

    I bought a sony vaio just over a year ago and the motherboard is already fried! The worst thousand dollars I've ever spent

  • Akon Nathaniel Says:

    I love Apple but too expensive in my country but hate these common brands od Dell, HP, Toshiba as they seem to be faked by manufacturers hence I`m opting for either Asus, Lenovo, Samsung or Accer.

  • Liam... Says:

    Im getting a HP laptop for Christmas and was looking to see if it'd good for gamings eg. Fps or games like dayz

  • Sean S Says:

    I have an Acer and used to be a total Acer fan. My fiancée has a HP and I have to be honest, the build quality on the HP completely blows the Acer out of the water. The HP has good clean edges and aluminium chassis and surfaces, whereas the Acer has sharp edges, places where the two parts of the case do not fit trim and generally is poor quality crappy plastic.

  • Zacksyah Says:

    from the explanation above, I will choose dell for my next laptop. But how about the after sales from dell is good or not?

  • Beatriz Costa Says:

    I DON'T really agree with the position of ACER brand being at last. Over the years. ACER was the only one who allowed me to use the same notebook for 05 years . That must mean something. I'm perplexed!

  • Gyaaneshwar Joshi Says:

    ASUS has best laptops.I am currently using it and never have any complaints.It is also good for gamers and for software lovers.I like ASUS more than APPLE.

  • Simple Tech Says:

    One major glaring fact, the consumer grade vs. enterprise or business grade makes the difference. It's night and day difference for Dell and HP offering so many lines of their models. Apple is so pricy because they offer only one line. Overall, I find the specific model that works well, then recommend it. Forget the brand, it's all about the models.

  • Barbara Says:

    Thank you so much for your very in-depth article, it helped me with my laptop purchasing decision. I've been searching and researching all over the net for several months and still couldn't make up my mind. But you broke down specs very well, I'm a writer and don't want a laptop for games and things like that, so for me your information was good enough for this novice and a real learning experience. This will be my first laptop and I’m looking at the HP Stream 13.3-Inch Laptop (Intel Celeron, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB SSD. I decided to stick with the windows based os, since this is my where my expertise is. I was looking at the many Chromebooks, and I liked the things I saw, however too many scary bad reviews. To be honest when I look at reviews for the different brands for laptops, I seem to always find someone or several someone's who have had some serious issues. If judging by most bad reviews, I shouldn’t even buy the laptop according to them. I will choose Amazon to buy it since their return policy is pretty good. I'll come back and comment after I have used it for a while. But I will reiterate you did your job very well. Thank you.....

  • just a guy Says:

    This listing is rather lop sided especially where it seems that sales numbers are what gives certain brands the best ratings. Brands such as Toshiba may not have the quickest laptops, however they are built to last. Speaking as a techie for the number of Dell, Acer, and Hp laptops i get in for repair, there is no way they made the top half of the this list, not without bribing the reviewer. It's as simple as that.

  • Nitin Patil Says:

    Where is Sony (VAIO)?????? It is also the best company. I don't no why they had not added Sony

  • Kasun Vijaya Says:

    I think acer deserves a better position because my acer laptop is thinner than most other windows laptops. Yet it has a core i7,intel hd graphics and also an Nvidia graphics card with DX12 support. I can play any 2015 game at max resolution without any lag. Tge build quality is excellent yet it was cheaper than most other laptops who only sell their brand names


    i think in present generation ASUS laptop is the best compare any other.and low price also...

  • sayo92 Says:

    hi gytis , it's obviouse why apple dont produce a lower price laptop. that's because the company doesnt want to produce a low-quality product just to satisfy people who cant afford the expensive ones!

  • mitchell Says:

    Glad that there is a way to know where we should put our money. Though it helps to know how to identify the things that make a laptop the best amongst others. I would like to know that as I have no knowledge of that. Thank you

  • Ron. theizen Says:

    It does pay o have a support plan,mine is IBM and geek squad support,money well spent,and 24 hr serv

  • karunamoy mishra Says:

    I know Apple is best . I think a midlle cast budget dell is batter then any other brand .

  • Ritwik Says:

    I m personaly using asus laptop grom years its best...... I found asus to be just after apple....

  • Mowly Anti Says:

    Just can't beleive why HP is No. 3 in this list! I know a lot of people who'd be highly upset. HP doesn't deserce this! Their laptop is crap and customer support is the worst ever! I'll never buy any HP laptop ever again!!!!

  • Ajay Sharma Says:

    Friends, i can't believe that why no. of other brands are not included in this list.
    even those are rated quite they are like that..i have personally been using TOSHIBA satellite series for last 4 years..and even my team has the same..Toshiba has superb hardware meant in well build muscles, good audio and great performance...Only thing where they are laking according is their service Toshiba consider about the service of your product especially in INDIA.
    Already i have burnt my fingers earlier by using various brands such as acer, asus & lenovo but as compare to performance wise these all brands are lacking behind Toshiba its all up to your whether you have to go with well making up or well equipped machine. Money is yours.. so ...think twice before purchasing these machines.

  • Stacey Says:

    I am extremely disappointed in X1 Carbon, purchased in March 2014. Its been to the repairs four (4) times in the last year. The operating system creates Bio reponsed. The screen produce red/grey strip then turn to the black. It work wonderful until it decide their is operating systen shuts down. if hard reboot from the back because you can remove the battery, then it will creat a blink keyboard.The docking sattion creates even more issue. But you need it to run a large screen or other devices do the slim lime.

  • gytis Says:

    Im sorry but apple should not be on top of this list because they don't even offer variety of laptops for everyone. I mean all their laptops cost so much a lot of us can't afford them. Most of other brands offer variety of laptops for everyone, low-end to high-end performance beasts. Also, this list does not include reliability, which would crash apple, hp(i heard they are getting better at reliability though) and samsung down.

  • yanyan Says:

    what is the good laptop? somebody said hp other said dell.. which is better brand? many of those brands in laptops , but where the good here.. please advise

  • sunil santosh Says:

    performance of dell laptops are very good,and reliable also

  • jasveer kaur Says:

    i think hp very very good working .His company growing very fastly

  • Smith Says:

    NEVER buy any laptops from china! Specifically ACER and LENOVO. Lenovo has added hidden protection for their own software to prevent the operating system working correctly, and have even tried to add spyware. Acer is unreliable and cheaper. But Dell and HP have some laptops with terrible build quality as well. Microsoft is also starting to come out with its own line, which is expected to do well.

  • Justine Mickaela Says:

    ACER is the worst laptop of all! shame on you china, taiwan products! taiwan and china are the most stupid manufacturer of laptops! dont buy acer and asus

  • ritik Says:

    I think apple and Asus are the best brands

  • Ishaq Khan Says:

    you really helped me. i was about to buy a asus laptop, but now i shall buy from one of these top 3 ranking brands.

  • Edwin Quispe Says:

    Tengo una Dell Studio y a la fecha sigue funcionando, eso no es lo trascendente. Trabajó a mas de 4,000 pies, en zonas de humedad casi al 100%, en climas seco y caluroso y es mas soporto las inclemencias del tiempo por dos días a la intemperie cuando me robaron hace mas de dos años.

  • aliyesuf Says:

    it is the best product for this industre please countiw one day i am visit your coumpany

  • Kadapa.hussenpeera Says:

    I want one laptop apple and dell

  • Osango the hero Says:

    Dell is my favorite laptop, I have been using Dell for many years without any problem

  • bev betts Says:

    apple may be top but after care is useless taken over 4 weeks to get appointment at apple store still trying after two hours on phone laptop only 16 months old just stoped working.

  • Peter MacGregor Says:

    Eat some words:
    Yesterday I posted a comment regarding the Microsoft Surface RT. some of my negative comment I am happy to say I can retract. Finally this morning I connected with Microsoft Support Service. It was made a little difficult, the chat site being open but no service rep. available. I persisted and was finally assisted by Lloyd to solve my immediate problem of being locked out. Then Lloyd volunteered the question; "are the other problems I can help you with? " In a warm and courteous manner he set about solving all issues I had with the RT and Microsoft support. So while it remains that the problems were real and let develop by poor Microsoft support response, Microsoft is now picking up their. responsibility.

  • eev faith Radcliff Says:

    How can Toshiba contually be rated so high when they will be out of the computer biz next year? Look at gateway and Sony's ezit lauded and praises now. Reminiscent of the final swan song. I'm betting in dell and lenevo for longevity.

  • Peter MacGregor Says:

    October 2014 I bought a Microsoft Surface Pro RD 2. It had been the most difficult to use computer I have ever owned, a lot of my problems are related to the touch keyboard. Much of the time the machine has in fact stayed in the bag I bought for it.
    However in August I started using it frequently for ebooks, at my desk or bedside. With the increased use the screen has developed dark lines, the surface which I had thought was metal has developed a cancer and the silver plastic film is disintegrating. The rubber surface on the touch pad has split over the 5 & 6 key. I have never successfully managed to contact a Microsoft support representative. I live in a small fishing port in Vietnam, the computer was bought in Bangkok. Microsoft Việt Nam refuse all support.

  • Asim Siddiq Says:

    Oh another point I have an MSI gaming laptop from last year, they've increased my warranty free from 2 years to 2 and a half years, their audio is the best around as they use the audio specialists Dynaudio. I have had mine for 18 months and I have had no problems whatsoever, whereas the dell laptop I have, has always been plagued with problems and so annoyingly slow.

  • Asim Siddiq Says:

    What a load of nonesense, MSI should be top, the best premium quality laptops on the market, the best value for money, just can't beat them. On the other hand Apple and Dell are so overhyped and over priced, they are an utter joke.

  • Sarwer Raza Says:

    Thank for providing best update about the topic love to read your topic.

  • Fearthevoices Says:

    We have had Dells at work; most are poor at best. They barely bother repairing them, just replace them.
    I have had two Toshibas over the past three to three and a half years also dump on me(one an HDD and my newest a motherboard). Very disappointing at best. Especially when the one who referred me to the brand is still using their older laptop.
    So how about noting which machines have a history of producing products that work for longer than a couple months after their warranties expire?

  • Komfy Says:

    Such a bad article its beyond a joke.
    Where is Reliability?
    MSI rated as a brand - are you kidding?? - burn your money, its a better way to use it.
    Meaningless at best, a real slur on your journalistic "ability".

  • Donald Nadeau Says:

    Apple manufactures one of the poorest products on the market considering I paid $2300 for the computer and it was supposed to be dropped Apple manufactures one of the poorest products on the market considering I paid $2300 for the computer and it was supposed to be dropped from Proof . The display broke after falling 1.25 feet. Apple would not stand behind it. Second Apple in a row that fails me. Over priced poor quality for $2400.

  • kev97348596128 Says:

    Great, HP climbs to 3rd, but they shafted me on a printer they promised to replace, so now I can never give them another penny.

  • Resham Says:

    i liked Toshiba window7, 14inch

  • Sachin Says:

    They didn't even consider adding Fujitsu to the list,

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