Best & Worst Laptop Brands 2015

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The most important question we try to answer at Laptop Mag is the following: "What laptop should I buy?" It's a question with many facets and tons of possible answers. But, often, a good place to start is to decide which brand deserves your hard-earned dollars. Thus, we examine all the biggest notebook makers each year, taking a hard look at laptop quality, technical support, value and selection, and other criteria.

Best-Worst-Brands-2015-chart-finalSome brands climbed our rankings in 2015, such as HP and Dell, but others crashed. Lenovo fell from second place all the way to sixth, thanks in part to lackluster tech support and the loading of dangerous adware on some consumer laptops.

1st Place: Apple

The undisputed king of laptop brands for six years and counting, Apple retains the No. 1 spot in this year’s survey. The Cupertino, Calif.-based company won 5 out of the 9 categories, including a perfect score for its laptop reviews. Its tech support score is also stellar, and the brand's keyboards and touchpads, audio quality and preloaded software can't be beat. Assuming you have the budget, Apple laptops are the way to go.


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2nd Place: Dell 

Jumping up to second place, Dell's rise over the last year has been something to behold. The company took first place in the categories of innovation, value and selection, as well as in audio. We were also impressed with Dell's reviews and technical support, which all point to why the brand rose from fifth place to runner-up.


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3rd Place: HP 

HP also rose in the ranks this year, going from fourth to third. We're big fans of the company's designs, and the attention it pays to audio quality. For laptop shoppers, HP customers have a huge selection of prices, styles and configurations from which to choose, and once you’ve made a decision, you can trust in the quality of the technical support.


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How We Score

A brand's score hinges on many factors, from a company's ability to solve your problems to design and comfort. But we start by looking at the ratings and reviews of all laptops reviewed between January 31, 2014 to January 31, 2015.

For the Reviews category, points are awarded based on the ratings. For example, if a notebook had a rating of four stars, then it was awarded 4 points. A company received minus 1 point for any review lower than three stars, and was awarded 1 point for each Editors' Choice award. The total number of points for each brand were then added up and averaged. The company with the highest score received 20 points, while the rest received a percentage of that based on their score relative to the winner.


Our annual Tech Support Showdown forms the basis for that section. The scale starts with 20 points for an A+ score and goes down to 0 for an F. Within a grade (B-, B, B+) the point changes are less drastic than if a brand drops a full grade.

Design is essential in helping consumers choose a laptop. Thus, we look back at each brand's aesthetics, material choices and durability to come up with those 15 points possible.

We also examined how each brand fared in the individual benchmarks for Keyboard & Touchpads, Display and Audio categories. Those brands that beat the category averages for tests such as key travel, color brightness and accuracy as well as decibel output scored highest. We also examined our general experience with each brand in those categories for the last year.

A good score in the Innovation category points to an eagerness to embrace and successfully implement the newest technologies on the market. A good Value & Selection score is about how easy it is for a consumer to find and buy a brand's laptops, at a good price. The Software category score hinges on a company's branded and preloaded programs that come on new laptops. Are they useful, annoying, or — hopefully not — dangerous adware.

Best & Worst Laptop Brands 2015

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  • Ishaq Khan Says:

    you really helped me. i was about to buy a asus laptop, but now i shall buy from one of these top 3 ranking brands.

  • Edwin Quispe Says:

    Tengo una Dell Studio y a la fecha sigue funcionando, eso no es lo trascendente. Trabajó a mas de 4,000 pies, en zonas de humedad casi al 100%, en climas seco y caluroso y es mas soporto las inclemencias del tiempo por dos días a la intemperie cuando me robaron hace mas de dos años.

  • aliyesuf Says:

    it is the best product for this industre please countiw one day i am visit your coumpany

  • Kadapa.hussenpeera Says:

    I want one laptop apple and dell

  • Osango the hero Says:

    Dell is my favorite laptop, I have been using Dell for many years without any problem

  • bev betts Says:

    apple may be top but after care is useless taken over 4 weeks to get appointment at apple store still trying after two hours on phone laptop only 16 months old just stoped working.

  • Peter MacGregor Says:

    Eat some words:
    Yesterday I posted a comment regarding the Microsoft Surface RT. some of my negative comment I am happy to say I can retract. Finally this morning I connected with Microsoft Support Service. It was made a little difficult, the chat site being open but no service rep. available. I persisted and was finally assisted by Lloyd to solve my immediate problem of being locked out. Then Lloyd volunteered the question; "are the other problems I can help you with? " In a warm and courteous manner he set about solving all issues I had with the RT and Microsoft support. So while it remains that the problems were real and let develop by poor Microsoft support response, Microsoft is now picking up their. responsibility.

  • eev faith Radcliff Says:

    How can Toshiba contually be rated so high when they will be out of the computer biz next year? Look at gateway and Sony's ezit lauded and praises now. Reminiscent of the final swan song. I'm betting in dell and lenevo for longevity.

  • Peter MacGregor Says:

    October 2014 I bought a Microsoft Surface Pro RD 2. It had been the most difficult to use computer I have ever owned, a lot of my problems are related to the touch keyboard. Much of the time the machine has in fact stayed in the bag I bought for it.
    However in August I started using it frequently for ebooks, at my desk or bedside. With the increased use the screen has developed dark lines, the surface which I had thought was metal has developed a cancer and the silver plastic film is disintegrating. The rubber surface on the touch pad has split over the 5 & 6 key. I have never successfully managed to contact a Microsoft support representative. I live in a small fishing port in Vietnam, the computer was bought in Bangkok. Microsoft Việt Nam refuse all support.

  • Asim Siddiq Says:

    Oh another point I have an MSI gaming laptop from last year, they've increased my warranty free from 2 years to 2 and a half years, their audio is the best around as they use the audio specialists Dynaudio. I have had mine for 18 months and I have had no problems whatsoever, whereas the dell laptop I have, has always been plagued with problems and so annoyingly slow.

  • Asim Siddiq Says:

    What a load of nonesense, MSI should be top, the best premium quality laptops on the market, the best value for money, just can't beat them. On the other hand Apple and Dell are so overhyped and over priced, they are an utter joke.

  • Sarwer Raza Says:

    Thank for providing best update about the topic love to read your topic.

  • Fearthevoices Says:

    We have had Dells at work; most are poor at best. They barely bother repairing them, just replace them.
    I have had two Toshibas over the past three to three and a half years also dump on me(one an HDD and my newest a motherboard). Very disappointing at best. Especially when the one who referred me to the brand is still using their older laptop.
    So how about noting which machines have a history of producing products that work for longer than a couple months after their warranties expire?

  • Komfy Says:

    Such a bad article its beyond a joke.
    Where is Reliability?
    MSI rated as a brand - are you kidding?? - burn your money, its a better way to use it.
    Meaningless at best, a real slur on your journalistic "ability".

  • Donald Nadeau Says:

    Apple manufactures one of the poorest products on the market considering I paid $2300 for the computer and it was supposed to be dropped Apple manufactures one of the poorest products on the market considering I paid $2300 for the computer and it was supposed to be dropped from Proof . The display broke after falling 1.25 feet. Apple would not stand behind it. Second Apple in a row that fails me. Over priced poor quality for $2400.

  • kev97348596128 Says:

    Great, HP climbs to 3rd, but they shafted me on a printer they promised to replace, so now I can never give them another penny.

  • Resham Says:

    i liked Toshiba window7, 14inch

  • Sachin Says:

    They didn't even consider adding Fujitsu to the list,

  • Jason Says:

    Unhelpful article.

    This is such a generalized discussion of laptops that its virtually useless, except for the user reviews ratings. High ratings by users isn't something that Laptop mag(rag?) isn't going to just make up(I hope not). But the rest of these categories have absolutely not data attached to them or within the article and just saying "oh well this magazine reports on laptops all the time" doesn't cut it. Your other articles aren't all that substantive either!

  • SDK Says:

    Shitty fuckin list. Complete garbage.

  • Angry Says:

    Yes of course ... don't worry about reliability. But give full marks for such incredibly important and distinctive features such as the keyboard and touchpad.

  • Bullshite Says:

    Apple and Dell are the most overpriced brands how can they be on first and second place? i guess they paid this website the most

  • joel tom skaria Says:

    really nice

  • Sansun Says:

    Every brand has more than one product, entry level, mediocre and high end. Basically what you get what you pay for. So a review just by its brand make no sense.

  • Collinspen Says:

    Apple first spot! Great joke guys.

  • NotJohnSnow Says:

    Guys, I think that the list is inverted.

    Also, how much did Apple paid you to invert this list?

  • eri Says:

    Haha..This is funny post. The only reason why Apple on top while other potential competitors in 2014 on the bottom is because these guys care about US products. Are Asian manufacturers really scaring you? This is such shameful review.

  • mark Says:

    I think that the results were inaccurate and wrong. I think that the publisher of this article favors some companies over others and that they did a very bad and horendous job and should look back and thinks things over.

  • jafarabadi Says:

    Its absoloutly wrong
    I think yout rancking is completly fals.
    Asus's production is most better than other exept apple .I have a asus lap top but you cant compare it with lenova or dell

  • thakor vipul.a Says:


  • Dave Says:

    I thought my own life was a fucking nightmare, but after reading all this I feel a lot better.

    The only reason I'm here is because I need a new laptop, and my priorities have changed to wanting RELIABILITY above anything else. Too bad this website doesn't consider reliability important enough to even have it as a category.

    I don't claim to know a lot about which brand is best, I just have the following warning TO ALL READERS: Never waste your money on Toshiba. I bought a Satellite C850-05C just over two years ago and it's a piece of shit. It died on me two weeks ago for no apparent reason, I had to format the hard drive to get it working again, and a week and a half later it died all over again. I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS SHIT!

    As a programmer, I need a working PC to make a living, and I care about my machine, so abuse and misuse are not factors in this situation. OK, it was not the highest end machine money can buy, but does saving a few bucks mean I deserve to be stuck with GARBAGE?!?


  • Omni Says:

    I absoutely agree with the rankings for Lenovo (I bought a Lenovo machine and had nothing but problems with its wireless adapter). However, I will admit that ASUS' rating seems a bit surprising to me.

  • Matt Says:

    This is probably the most inaccurate thing I have yet to see. Mac and HP at the top? Like really...for the prices and for the very poor build quality they should be at the bottom of the list.

  • IT Man Says:

    listen to all of you. I've been fixing computers for 18 years and any PC will run great and last for years if you would take the time to service it. If your PC is full of shit inside and the fan can't turn how long do you think it will last? I've seen laptops so plugged up that I was surprized it was still working. If you're going to purchase a high end laptop and toss it on your bed or floor it won't last you very long. Personally I have Dell xps which came with Windows 98 and I've kept it serviced and it was upgraded from 98 to vista to win 7, then 8.1 and got my windows7 update yesterday and it's still working hard. Of coarse I upgraded a few parts as well just to keep up with the times and demands but hey! it's still kicking hard and don't get me wrong here. I believe if I had any other well known brands and did exactly what I've done with this Dell it would still run as well. I played around and worked on practically every brand and OS and my opinion is that they're practical if you take care of them. But you can't compare a 300$ laptop to a 2500$ one. And really what the most frustrating part about my job is when you have these parents who goes and buy 2500$ machines their careless kids and they land up in the dumpster and post stupid comments on this site about something they don't even know about.

  • Blair Says:

    This is the most bogus review I have ever read. Anyone who puts dell above lenovo is clearly not using either.

  • penix Says:

    You lost all credibility when you put Apple on first place.

  • J Gostling Says:

    one of the worst ratings I have ever seen. How come Dell got the 2nd and HP is on the 3rd? To my horror MSI, Samsung all are ahead of Lenovo and Asus? are you kidding? The review team should stop wasting time reviewing products rather start selling cashew nuts

  • Jack Fiah Says:

    Ah we have an apple fanboy here and all scores are paid OK ? Here's the real leaderboard : 1st ) asus 2nd)dell 3rd) MSI 4th) HP 5th) Toshiba 6th ) Samsung 8th) apple(so called shitpple worse product high price tag useless machines lack of softwares special virus, etc) 7th) lenovo 8th) acer. Am I right fanboys/girls ?

  • Kelly T. Says:

    I agree completely that Apple has the best products, hands down. From the material they make their laptops with, to software that comes with, to sheer stability and processing power, apple can not be beat. I have a very high end lenovo that costed a grand and a macbook pro retina that costed almost three grand and all I can say is that when using the computers and communicating with the companies that Apple far surpasses. I really have a hard time understanding how HP got such high ratings, and Asus got such low rating. So I do believe that they got it right with apple on top but the others are a skew. All said I used to think apple was overpriced garbage, I now have a completely different opinion.

  • saina salonika Says:

    I too agree.I think the ratings here are all correct.

  • Jason Says:

    for those of you that say apple sucks, well
    1. they did not "copy" off other computers and even if they did, they still work good
    2. there not "overpriced" they cost more because they are a more advanced/better computer system, they have better editing software, better memeory, better graphic systems, they are just better computer systems so stop bitching about it

  • Jason Says:

    why did apple get a 4 on audio, i mean its an amazing home computer but i think the audio is better than a 4

  • Mike Says:

    Are you high?
    Dell is probably the worst computer company on the planet & Asus makes some of the best machines. Crawl back into your cave you idiot, you don't belong on the internet.

  • Toon_G Says:

    Vance good one there...but seriously i need more ideas...can we talk?

  • Ethan Wolf Says:

    Apple has 5/5 in Software? With the minimalist selection of software available for OSX, I honestly can't see why...

  • Yotoprules Says:

    What is this?!?!?! Apple at first? Software 5/5? You joking me? Samsung should be at the bottom, lenovo and MSI should be at the top, MSI make gaming laptops so they are very good, HP is about right to be third.haven't had experience with other brands.

    I have used apple computers before, the software is horrific. Security holes, maximise button doesn't maximise. Despite their decent specs, the actual thing is awfully slow. Their iphones and iPads are very overrated too. Imagine a laptop by apple!

    I have been using a cheap HP laptop for over a year, and it has low specs, but it can play high end games lowest setting and resolution at about 20fps.

    Decent laptop for the price and time it came out.

  • KAY SONEKA Says:

    This table of ratings is questionable because hp has the worst customer service of all well known brands, the customer service/ tech support is practically non existent!
    I own an hp ProBook 4530s and an hp Slate7 VoiceTab.

  • Angara Says:

    Asus is best and HP is worst

  • Hilary Kinyua Says:

    I fully agree with the laptop rating. Besides, those complaining that some brands have been erroneously rated highly probably misused their laptops or failed to maintain them. From my experience, Apple is great, followed by HP and Lenovo.

  • Momen Ali Says:

    I'm an Apple fan, but their Mac's are just not good at all.
    I think this list is based on selling charts.
    Anyway in my opinion i think Casper and Vaio should be on top, after them HP and Toshiba.

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