Logitech iPhone 5 Game Controller Allegedly Leaks

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We heard about Samsung’s game pad controller just as the Galaxy S4 was announced, and now it looks like Apple fans may have a new video game accessory to look forward to. Created by Logitech, the purported device is large enough to fit an iPhone 5 and comes with a built-in Lightning dock connector, Kotaku reports.

According to the allegedly leaked image, the accessory snaps on to the device and houses the smartphone in its center, placing action buttons and a D-Pad on either side of the display. This is different from the design of Samsung’s wireless remote, which looks similar to an Xbox 360 controller with a holster for the handset just above its controls.

 There’s also a “G” logo just underneath the directional buttons on the purported iOS accessory, which is likely to be a symbol for the name of the device. From the image, we can't decipher whether or not the controller features other buttons on its rear or sides. 

The unconfirmed leak comes just after Apple unveiled iOS 7-- announcing that the OS comes with support for third-party game controllers. Although the controller isn’t made by Apple, such an accessory could give the iOS platform a stronger foothold in the mobile gaming space. Android has taken the lead in this area more recently, with accessories such as the MOGA controller and Nvidia’s upcoming Shield gaming handheld hogging the spotlight. 

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