G Styled: Lenovo IdeaPad K1 - Cool Tablet or Advertising Trojan Horse?

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I'm not really sure how I feel about the Lenovo IdeaPad K1. On the one hand,  it has a decent shape and form, and it is thin but not too thin. When you look at the back, it has a splash of color (I would have preferred blue instead of the red, but that's just me), and the custom UI is decent. I really like some of Lenovo's enhancements, especially the custom app wheel. It's a nice touch and a welcome addition to the regular Honeycomb experience.

However, the chassis looks a little too much like an iPad's. I think we have enough tablets on the market now that copy the iPad's blueprint of a chrome back case and a black bezel. Let's do something different, people. I mean, look at the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer! Now there was a tablet that dared to be different.

I must admit, it just doesn't sit well with me that after I plunk down $499 for a tablet, the system displays advertisements for me to buy music and movies. What part of the game is that? This isn't being sold at a cheaper price because it has ads (like the Amazon Kindle with Special Offers), so what gives, Lenovo?

Overall I would say that while this is a decent Android tablet, nothing about it really stands out and screams "buy me." For the $499 price point, I would still choose the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 over this, so that sums it up right there.

Lenovo IdeaPad K1 G Style Rating: Fashion Fail

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  • Michael L Says:

    Just takes a little fidgeting to get rid of the advertising. I've been dealing with this on every computer I've purchased for years. It's annoying but it's hardly unusual and not the same as agreeing to permanent advertising for a $20 discount with the Kindle. After my experience with the Samsung Galaxy, I'll take my chances with Lenovo. The Galaxy is slow as molasses and requires a root and running some apps to get it to work at a decent speed, voiding the warranty.

  • ct Says:

    Fashion Fail? Really? I believe that looks is a subjective thing, but how about the features compared to the mighty Samsung Galaxy tab? The Lenovo is advertising that is Netflix ready, did you try that? How about the SD card that the Galaxy does not have? Did you try the docking station by a chance?. Maybe you are right and the Galaxy is better, but you do not give any reasons in your review other than looks.

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