Apple Fourth-Gen iPad vs. Google Nexus 10: By the Numbers

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Not to be upstaged by any other tablet competitor, Apple released a fourth-edition iPad along with its iPad mini, leaving about seven months between iterations. Its second version of the iPad this year, the fourth-gen tablet  features a new A6X processor, the company's new Lightning port and a 720p FaceTime HD camera. Although it didn't amaze the world with exciting new specs, the iPad 4 is essentially a hardware upgrade.

However, Google's Nexus 10 has some pretty impressive specs itself, boasting a 2560 x 1600-pixel display that gives it 300 pixels per inch compared to the iPad's 264 ppi. Plus, with a slightly larger display, the Nexus 10 is actually a fraction lighter than its competitor.

Check out each tablet's full specs are below so you can compare for yourself.

Not one to let another have a moment of glory, Apple will release its fourth-gen iPad on Nov. 2, less than two weeks before the Nexus 10 ships. But the Nexus 10 has the iPad 4 beat on pricing, offering its 16GB model for $100 less than Apple's. Stay tuned to find out which model performs better in our full reviews.

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  • Paul Says:

    Apple is a great product, but alas without Jobs at teh helm Apple will lose its lustre and dominance. Heck it has only 4% of the PC market now and now the competitiors have caught up in the tablet market......I do not see the innovation comming out of apple any longer and thus it may be doomed in the long run.

  • VIn Hennessy Says:

    Wonder how long it will take Apple to compete on price instead of warmed-over editions.

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