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YouTube audio issue in Edge and Chrome is getting a fix: What you need to know

Microsoft fixes Youtube audio issue in Edge and Chrome
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft is currently fixing a recurring YouTube audio issue causing muted or lowered volume while watching content. The issue has been a common complaint across the Chromium-based browsers Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. 

In a thread spotted by Windows Latest, both Google and Microsoft have admitted to working on solutions for this long-standing audio issue. Many users are complaining they cannot hear YouTube content at full volume on their laptops. 

Google reports that YouTube has received hundreds of daily complaints about this "Umbrella Bug" from users whose videos are playing without audio, with 95% of those reports coming from Windows 10 users. It suspects, along with people accidentally muting the audio, that Windows 10 drivers are to blame. 

It's good to see Microsoft and Google working together to improve the open-source Chromium browser for all users across their individual versions of Chromium. Having both committed to fixing Chromium's sound levels via an "application-level volume for Chromium" is a cooperative approach we hope to see more of.  

Microsoft stated that "This allows Chromium-based browsers to develop solutions for user pain points that arise from having muted Chromium or having lowered its volume from system menus, then forgetting about the changes. Also, when other applications make these changes and Chromium UI does not reflect it.”

It hasn't been revealed yet when the changes will become available. Other changes coming to the Microsoft Edge browser include assuring web apps approach the visual quality as native Windows 10 applications. Also, a Workspace feature is designed to keep work and home browsing separated, which should improve your focus and workflow.