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Windows 10 update will help your device reach its full potential — here's how

Intel Iris Xe Max GPU
(Image credit: Intel)

Microsoft is working on a new Windows 10 feature that will help users bring out the full potential of their device, whether for gaming, business or entertainment. In fact, users will able to switch between them on the fly and make your laptop or PC tailor made for different use cases.

A Windows 10 preview build has showcased a new "Device Usage" feature that lets users pick and choose what they want their device used for. Doing so will give you customised tools and suggestions based on how they plan to use their device. 

Essentially, it changes how Windows 10 works to make it more suited for gaming, creativity, schoolwork and more. 

Spotted by Windows latest, Microsoft has been working on the Device Usage feature since last year. Currently, it's only live in the preview builds for some users, which means we're sure to see it in a Windows 10 update soon.

The new feature can be accessed via the Windows 10 Settings menu app, where users will be able to select specific use cases for their devices. According to the preview, there will be six categories for users to choose from: gaming, family, creativity, schoolwork, entertainment and business.

Depending on what was picked, Windows 10 will create a personalised experience around them. For example, the gaming category will recommend titles you haven't played yet (which may include games on Xbox Game Pass for PC), the family category will tighten up security and make safety settings more transparent across multiple accounts, and picking business will automatically start tracking expenses and managing customers.

These software level tweaks aren't nearly as exciting as Microsoft bringing Xbox Series X's Auto HDR feature to PC. That said, it isn't stated if the new feature will optimise the device's software or hardware to reduce battery usage or make its display better suited for gaming or entertainment. Here's hoping.

Either way, being able to personalise our device to what we use it for most is a nice customisation perk, especially for those who plan on using their gaming laptop for work or business laptop for play.