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PS5 available storage space may be less than expected — here's what we know

PS5 console revealed
(Image credit: Sony)

The blazing-fast SSD in the PS5 is one of its most highly-touted features. But after we got a look at the size of games for the PS5, the SSD might come up a little short on storage space for a lot of gamers.

Previous rumors suggested that the PS5 would offer a little over 700GB of its total 825GB of storage to users. However, a new leaked image that was first published to Resetera indicates that a fresh PS5 may only have 664GB available to users. That's going to make for a serious storage juggling act for anyone with even a moderate AAA gaming collection (via TechRadar).

This revelation, if true, does make Sony slightly less storage hungry than Microsoft as the Xbox Series X system files take up 198GB. However, given the larger 1TB SSD found in the Xbox Series X, it works out to almost exactly 20% of the storage space on both drives so it's pretty much a draw.

Here's a look at the leaked image. It also pegs the storage for Astro's Playroom, a pre-installed PS5 game at 2.38GB. If only most games took up that amount of space, but as a reminder, we know that Spider-Man: Miles Morales Ultimate Edition will come in at 105GB and the remake of Demon's Souls at 66GB.

(Image credit: Resetera)

With plenty of games that require even more storage like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Destiny 2 both coming in at over 150GB, it's easy to see how you could overwhelm the built-in storage relatively easily.

While we've seen the cost of expandable storage on the Xbox Series X and Series S, the details on the PS5 side remain a little hazier. Currently, there are no compatible drives available on the market that will deliver the same speeds as that internal drive, which again is one of the major next-gen selling points for the PS5.

Now if you are the kind of person that plays through a game once and never returns to it this likely won't be a big deal for you. But for PS5 Digital Edition buyers if you have even a handful of large games that you like to keep around things are going to get crowded pretty quickly. It's at least something to consider if you haven't managed to secure a PS5 pre-order just yet.