Destiny 2 Beyond Light new subclasses: Behemoth, Shadebinder and Revenant

Destiny 2 subclasses: Revenant, Shadebinders, and Behemoths
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With Destiny 2’s upcoming expansion, Beyond Light, players will finally be able to visit Europa and explore the far reaches of the mysterious moon. The expansion was originally set for release on September 22, but Bungie delayed it to November 10 due to the hurdles caused by the coronavirus pandemic. This expansion will cost $40 and is also set to launch on Xbox Game Pass.

We can expect a range of additions to the currently available classes with the release of Beyond Light, including a new damage type, powerful abilities and unique status effects. Here’s everything you need to know about how the new subclasses (Behemoth, Shadebinder and Revenant) change the game. 

Keep in mind, Bungie is planning to remove a bulk of the content available in the base game when Beyond Light launches. If you haven't played it yet, now is the best time to. If you're looking for an accessible way to jump in, the game and all of its currently released expansions are available through Xbox Game Pass.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Command Stasis effects 

Destiny 2: Beyond Light will include a new category of status effects called Command Stasis. So far, we’ve seen three of them: Stasis Field, Shatter and Freeze.

Stasis Field will allow players to create a radius where enemies trapped inside move and attack much slower. This is useful for minimizing the damage coming from a group of enemies while focusing on mobs that aren’t slowed.

Freeze is a solid form of Stasis that encapsulates enemies in crystals and can be used to completely immobilize them. This will make it a lot easier to temporarily halt foes who deal tons of damage. 

Shatter involves the Stasis Crystals that players can create using their new abilities. When these crystals shatter, they emit a “hail of icy razors.” This might not only apply to Stasis Crystals created by the player, but it could also mean any frozen enemies who are killed will do the same.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Titan Behemoth 

The Behemoth subclass for the Titan in Beyond Light features three new active abilities: Shiver Strike, Glacial Quake, and Ground Control.

Shiver Strike is the Titan’s new melee ability, which allows them to swiftly charge forward toward enemies and launch anyone they hit into the air. Additionally, any mobs that are caught near the strike are slowed.

Destiny 2 subclasses: Shadowbinder, revenant and behemoth

(Image credit: Bungie)

Glacial Quake, the Titan’s new ultimate ability, causes a wave of Stasis to form and harden around them, providing heightened resistance to all sorts of attacks. It also allows the Titan to jump “faster, higher and farther.” With Glacial Quake activated, players can use Ground Control, which allows the Titan to slam their fist into the ground and send a shockwave of Stasis crystals that freezes all enemies it comes in contact with.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Warlock Shadebinder 

The Shadebinder subclass for the Warlock in Beyond Light features three new active abilities: Winter’s Wrath, Shatter Shockwave and Penumbral Blast 

Destiny 2 subclasses: Shadowbinder, revenant and behemoth

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Winter’s Wrath is the Warlock’s new ultimate ability, which allows them to summon a powerful staff. With the staff active, Penumbral Blast allows the Warlock to fire projectiles of Stasis, which explode and freeze enemies on contact. When Winter’s Wrath runs its course, the ability Shatter Shockwave is activated, causing the staff to explode and create a shockwave of Stasis that shatters any frozen enemies. 

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Hunter Revenant 

The Revenant subclass for the Hunter in Beyond Light features three new active abilities: Silence & Squall, Deadly Edge and Withering Blade.

Withering Blade is the Hunter’s new melee ability. It allows them to throw shurikens made of Stasis that can slow enemies, bounce between them and deal quite a bit of damage.

Destiny 2 subclasses: Shadowbinder, revenant and behemoth

(Image credit: Bungie)

The Hunter’s new ultimate ability, Silence & Squall, summons a pair of Kama blades, which can be used to unleash a powerful two-strike attack. This is the Hunter’s Deadly Edge ability, which strikes enemies and shoots out of a wave of freezing Stasis in a wide area. The second part of this attack, Stasis Storm, causes a whirlpool of Stasis to follow enemies. Not only does this ability deal significant damage, but it will cause enemies to be slowed and eventually frozen. 

Destiny 2: Beyond Light grenades 

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is introducing three new types of grenades that are accessible no matter which class you play as. These three grenades are the Glacier Grenade, Coldsnap Grenade and Duskfield Grenade. 

The Glacier Grenade creates a wall of Stasis crystals that can freeze enemies as they burst from the Earth. The grenade makes for a useful platform that players can use to reach higher points of interest. Additionally, it could be used as a makeshift cover to protect from enemy attacks.

The Coldsnap Grenade “unleashes a wave of Stasis energy” that will hone onto enemies and freeze them. A single one of these grenades can freeze a maximum of three enemies.

The Duskfield Grenade creates a Stasis field that slows all enemies who are trapped inside. If the enemy cannot make it out of the radius within an allotted time, they will be frozen.

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