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Oculus Quest has a new update — iPhone users will love this new feature

Oculus Quest get imessenger alerts
(Image credit: Oculus )

A new update to the Oculus Quest 2 system is about to be released and it comes with some new features that will either excite iPhone users or annoy them. Once the planned update goes live, it will bring iPhone notifications while you're safely in the confines of your preferred VR world. The update will also allow you to live-stream yourself playing your games. 

The update titles " updatev29 " will come with the iOS notifications via the Oculus application, and will allow users to view their lock screen notification while using the VR headset. For some, not having to take off their headset to view messages will be a great thing; for others, it may be considered a disturbance of their alone time as they disconnect from the real world to enjoy their VR Paradiso. The notifications will only be viewable by the user and not anyone else. An Android version of this new feature should be available soon. 

The update also adds another feature called "Live Overlay," which puts the player's real-life body into the game via your iPhone's camera. The feature is usable in VR applications that have recording and casting options available. You will also be able to capture audio while using the new feature. 

Other included features that will arrive with the update are an improved file organizer for data stored on your headset, a Passthrough shortcut to make seeing your surroundings easier, and of course, a personalized ad displayed while your playing VR. You would think your VR world would be a haven from sales pitches and political ads but, why should any of us ever be allowed to have true peace and happiness? They might as well add a feature where your family and friends can barge in at any time to ask you random questions or maybe a feature that lets your boss interrupt you to ask you about that memo. Maybe that'll be in update v30?