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New MacBook Air with mini LED display expected to arrive in 2022

MacBook Air With Mini LED Will Be Launching In 2022
(Image credit: Apple )

With the new iPad Pro rumored to be using mini LED technology, it would stand to reason that the next iteration of MacBook may be looking to upgrade from the aging LCD panels. 

Reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently claimed Apple would be upgrading the new MacBook Air display in 2022 to use the same mini LED technology as the rumored iPads. 

Kuo claims Apple will use the more expensive mini LED panels for the MacBook Air starting in 2022 because of the money being saved by producing the M1 CPU in-house and not paying Intel for using its processors. 

Kuo also reiterated previous claims that a redesigned MacBook Pro 2021 will be coming in the fall of this year and that it would be the first MacBook to receive the mini LED panels after which the MacBook Air would get the mini LED upgrade for 2022 models.