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Final Fantasy XVI and Demon's Souls aren't coming to PC, Sony says

Final Fantasy XVI and Demon's Souls aren't actually coming to PC, Sony says
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Sony confirmed the PS5 games Final Fantasy XVI and Demon's Souls, both of which were advertised to launch on PC, won't be doing so, thus strengthening the PS5's games lineup

A Square Enix representative told The Verge that it has “only announced” Final Fantasy XVI for the PS5, pointing them to a press release. And as for Demon's Souls, Sony simply told Kotaku that the inclusion of PC was an error.

Are Final Fantasy XVI and Demon's Souls really not coming to PC?

Well, one error is understandable, but two is a little more than a coincidence. It's possible that pulling the PC label was a last-ditch effort to make the PS5 lineup look stronger than it already is (and it is already strong).

In this humble journalist's opinion, it wouldn't surprise me if these games launch on PC a year or so after release. You could play it early on PS5, but if you only want to buy a PS5 for these two games, then you might want to wait a bit just in case.

Sony did state in its 2020 corporate report that “we will explore expanding our 1st party titles to the PC platform, in order to promote further growth in our profitability.” 

Besides, even if these games don't launch on PC, by the time you pick up a PS5, it'll be much cheaper than $500. Either that or there might be a PS5 Pro, so you can experience these games with even better performance.