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7 Awesome Apps for Google Glass

Google Glass lets you do everything from take pictures with your voice to get directions right in your eye, but this wearable headset has a lot more potential. Months before it launches to the public, Google and its partners have announced several new apps, including Facebook, Twitter, CNN and more. Google has dubbed these apps Glassware, but what can they do? Here's a quick look at what's coming to the small screen.


It’s a bit early to say exactly how Facebook will play out on Glass, but the social network seems to be focusing on photo sharing. For example, after snapping a photo users can choose to immediately post it to their timeline and add a description through voice translation.

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When users post to their Twitter account via Glass with their voice, the post will automatically be tagged with #throughglass. They’ll also receive alerts for direct messages and mentions.

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News apps for Glass will display headlines, photos, story summaries and video rather than full length articles. With CNN’s app, users can decide which types of stories they’d like to receive alerts for and what time of day to receive them. They can also choose to read article blurbs themselves or have Glass read it aloud to them.

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Elle Magazine

Elle Magazine

News apps for Glass seem to be all about customization. With Elle, readers can choose the sections of the magazine they want to see on Glass, and can swipe through photos from a story. They can also choose to save a story to read later or hear it read aloud. According to The New York Times, Elle has a team dedicated to taking content from the monthly and turning it into real-time updates for Glass.

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Users of this Glass app can choose to send notes from Evernote’s Web app, like a grocery list, to Glass for quick and handy accessibility.

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The New York Times

The New York Times

The New York Times was the first news app available for Glass, and like the others it will also deliver headlines, story summaries and multimedia. You can choose to have text read aloud, and a breaking news feature alerts readers with fresh stories.

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Path will also debut on Glass with a feature that lets users add emoticons to a friend’s post and reply with comments. You’ll also receive updates and notifications from Path’s network on Google’s wearable computer via the Path app.

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