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Admit it: You're a headline hound. When you're killing time between meetings or waiting in line at the post office, you want to skim breaking news -- and fast. Personalized news aggregation apps pull top content together for you, and sort it exactly as you tell them. From an app that lets you create your own personal magazines to an app that combines several news streams into one, these are the best news apps right now.

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  • Basavaraj Says:

    The best News app I found for Indians is NewsHunt. It has more than 80 newspapers in the app in 12+ languages.
    It can be downloaded from Newshunt website or search newshunt in google play.

  • Hunter Says:

    Thanks for posting on more great apps, Molly. Flipboard and Zite have become very popular around my office at DISH; just about everybody has these apps on their phone. Another app we all have is the DISH Anywhere app. It streams live and recorded entertainment to my phone or tablet. I don’t have a TV near my desk, so I use DISH Anywhere to watch the Rockies games I would otherwise miss.

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