Volher Laptop Backpack review: Barbie pink is in

This backpack has it all — practical storage and a stylish design

Volher Laptop Backpack
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(Image: © Sarah Chaney)

Laptop Mag Verdict

The Volher Laptop Backpack has a roomy, bright design with water-resistant fabric, and to top it all off, it’s equipped with a USB charging port.


  • +

    Roomy design with vibrant color options

  • +

    Water-resistant, durable fabric

  • +

    Supportive and comfortable for long use

  • +

    Anti-theft back pocket

  • +

    Equipped with a USB port (for use with a power bank)


  • -

    Shoulder straps are scratchy on bare skin

  • -

    USB port is difficult to realign if dislodged

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The Volher Laptop Backpack is a convenient and stylish travel companion, whether you’re in search of a bag for school, work, or random day trips. There’s plenty of open storage in the main compartment for your larger belongings, and smaller areas for odds and ends that usually get lost at the bottom of a backpack. 

Despite its roomy interior, this backpack is comfortable to wear for long periods, thanks to its breathable, padded mesh areas for your lower back and shoulders. The padded area that sits on your lower back even doubles as an anti-theft pocket for your smartphone, wallet, and keys. Plus, there’s a built-in USB charging port. There’s not much this backpack can’t do. 

With vibrant color options, a relatively affordable price, and a slew of awesome storage and quality-of-life features, the Volher Backpack is a smart option for almost everyone. It’s not entirely perfect, but it’s pretty dang close.

Volher Laptop Backpack price and availability

The Volher Laptop Backpack, which can fit up to a 15.6-inch laptop, features comfortable padded mesh throughout, and makes organization easy with its various pockets and compartments. This backpack has a price range between $31.99 and $39.99 on Amazon, depending on which color you decide to buy. 

Volher Laptop Backpack

Volher Laptop Backpack (Image credit: Sarah Chaney)

The Rose Red color we reviewed here is $39.99, as are the Green, Khaki, Purple, Red, and Yellow color models. At the time of writing, the Black color is the cheapest at $31.99, followed by Grey at $33.99, and then Blue at $35.99. 

If you have a 17-inch laptop, there’s a larger version of this backpack. Also on Amazon, the 17-inch Volher Backpack comes in Black, Blue, and Grey color options. At the time of writing, the Black color is cheapest at $59.99, followed by both the Blue and Grey colors at $61.99.  

Volher Laptop Backpack design

This backpack has an understated and elegant design, with cleanly laid out pockets, a sleek metal logo up top, and beautifully colored fabric. The bag’s durable, tightly woven polyester fabric looks tough, but it’s surprisingly soft to the touch. Plus, it’s water-resistant. When you pour water on the colored fabric, water won’t soak in. Instead, it stays in droplet form and simply rolls off the bag. 

Volher Laptop Backpack

Volher Laptop Backpack (Image credit: Sarah Chaney)

The Rose Red color reviewed here is a vibrant pink that looks attractive, but it’s not too flashy. There are neutral color options that look just as great, but Volher has some beautiful colors available. If you go with a colored design, it’s not going to blind anyone with how bright it is, but it’s still a vibrant, eye-catching bag that shows off your personality. 

There are smaller design elements to love as well, like the reflective strip on each shoulder strap, a sturdy luggage strap, a well-padded carrying handle, and durable metal zippers that look classy. Every zipper on the bag’s front is a dark metal surrounded by a hard plastic that extends the zipper and makes it easier to pull. As a cherry on top, a soft, water-resistant cloth surrounds every zipper chain. 

The longer you look at this bag, the clearer it is that a lot of intentional detail went into this design. The stitching is clean everywhere you look, there’s padding in multiple places, and the color dye used has a gorgeous finish.

Volher Laptop Backpack

Volher Laptop Backpack (Image credit: Sarah Chaney)


On Amazon’s listing for the Volher Backpack, it says the bag weighs 0.65 pounds, but it felt heavier than that to me. I weighed the bag using my kitchen scale, and it actually weighs 2.5 pounds when empty. This is a slightly larger weight than most backpacks, but it feels comfortable to wear. The bag offers 8 inches of depth, and measures 18 x 13 inches in length and width, respectively. 

Volher Laptop Backpack pockets and organization

This bag has enough storage to accommodate all my daily-use items and then some. In the main compartment alone, I fit my 14-inch laptop, two thick spiral journals, one medium-sized journal, a paperback book, a standing pen bag, and a flat pencil bag. There’s still extra depth to fit an additional journal or two and plenty of extra height to fit some clothes or snacks. Next, my water bottle, sunglasses, smartphone, wallet, and keys all found roomy homes in external pockets. 

Volher Laptop Backpack

Volher Laptop Backpack (Image credit: Sarah Chaney)

The main compartment is equipped with a padded laptop sleeve, a yellow mesh pocket that’s perfectly sized for snack bags, open storage, and a small yellow mesh pocket for a power bank that you can use with the built-in USB charging port (more on this later). 

On top of the main compartment, there’s a smaller zipper area that doesn’t offer much open storage for anything other than thin journals or tablets. This area is equipped with a zipper pocket for thin items, two built-in pockets for sticky notes or small journals, and two built-in slip slots for individual pens or pencils. On the outside of this compartment, there’s a small zipper pocket for sunglasses. 

You'll also find a zipper pouch at the very front of the backpack that could easily fit a paperback book or some snacks. This pouch contains two square pockets to fit smaller items. For water bottles or umbrellas, the backpack features two side pockets that have a stretchy band at the top and a lightly padded mesh material for the rest of the side pocket. 

The coolest pocket you’ll find on the Volher Backpack is hidden in the back. This pocket sits right on top of your lower back when you’re wearing the backpack, making it the perfect anti-theft pocket to store valuable items, like your smartphone, wallet, or keys. If there’s nothing you’d want to store in this pocket, your lower back will still benefit from the thick padded mesh on the outside of the pocket. 

Volher Laptop Backpack adjustability and comfort

Whether you’re holding the Volher backpack by its padded carrying handle or wearing it on your back, the experience is pleasant and pain-free. Even if you need to travel long distances while wearing the backpack, you’ll be comfy with all the padded mesh elements. 

Volher Laptop Backpack

Volher Laptop Backpack (Image credit: Sarah Chaney)

The anti-theft pocket on the back of the bag is covered with thick, padded mesh that rests on your low back. There are two padded mesh areas that are positioned right above your shoulders. Both of the shoulder straps are backed with padded mesh (though this mesh can be a bit scratchy on bare skin). If you’re wearing sleeves, you won’t notice any scratchiness — only padded, breathable comfort.  

You can easily adjust the shoulder straps to bring the backpack higher or lower on your back. To make the bag sit lower on your back, you simply pull up on the plastic strap clips. Or, you can raise the bag higher on your back by pulling down on the strap tails. 

Volher Laptop Backpack special features

On the left side of the bag, there’s a built-in USB charging port connected to a cable inside. You can connect a power bank to the cable to provide charging power to your smartphone or earbuds while you’re walking. You’ll just need to plug in your device’s usual charging cord to the USB port on the outside of the bag. There’s a dedicated mesh pocket inside to store your power bank so it’s not loose among your other belongings. 

Volher Laptop Backpack

Volher Laptop Backpack (Image credit: Future)

At one point, the USB cable came loose from its built-in spot. To clip it back into place, you have to get one or two fingers through a narrow hole in the bag’s siding. This tight space usually helps keep the cable in place, but if the cable comes loose, it’s a bit of a pain to put it back. 

The backpack also features a protective slot to feed your wired headphone cable through. Positioned right above the USB charging port, the headphone port is a simple slit between a thick rubber patch.

Bottom line

Volher’s 15.6-inch Laptop Backpack is a top-tier backpack that’s decked out with roomy storage compartments, vibrant fabric that’s water-resistant and durable, and a reinforced bottom that makes it stand upright for easy access to your belongings. If you’re in need of a backpack that can store your laptop and countless other items for school, work, or personal use, this backpack is a high-quality option. 

Because this bag is so well-rounded, there aren’t a lot of reasons to not recommend it. Some people may not need the USB charging port, but the backpack offers a ton of other features that make the price worth it without the port. If you wear sleeveless shirts a lot, the padded mesh is scratchy on the skin, but considering most people wear a backpack over sleeved shirts, this is a minor grievance toward an otherwise fantastic bag.