Flexispot BS1B Back Support office chair review

Flexispot’s latest office chair is an ergonomic delight

Flexispot BS1B Back Support office chair review
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Flexispot BS1B Back Support office chair is cleverly designed for people who work long hours. It features finely tuned comfort, brilliant back support and high adjustability.


  • +

    Brilliant back support

  • +

    Professional design

  • +

    Highly adjustable

  • +

    Competitively priced


  • -

    Assembly can be tricky

  • -

    UK version lacks adjustable lumbar support

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Flexispot BS1B SPECS

Price: £259.99/$299.99
Maximum load: 125kg/275lbs
Weight: 20.4kg/45.1lbs 

Office and gaming chairs are more important than ever for work-from-home setups as COVID-19 continues to hinder employees’ return to the office. This, along with the continued growth of content creation and streaming, means finding the right chair to sit on for hours on end is vital — a bog-standard wooden kitchen chair won’t cut it for your posture and overall health.

The at-home worker deserves comfort, flexibility, and the right kind of lumbar support, which is exactly what the Flexispot BS1B Back Support office chair offers down to a tee. The latest ergonomic chair from Flexispot adjusts to your needs, from the tightness of its supportive backrest to the placement of its comfortable seat cushion. Better yet, it’s all easily adjustable.

Flexispot is known for its standing desks, including its E7/EC4 standing desk, but the company is also coming into its own when it comes to ergonomic chairs. The BS1B is a fine example of this. While it may not be among the best gaming chairs due to its professional appearance, it certainly makes the cut as one of the best office chairs. Plus, its competitive price tag makes it easy on the wallet. 

Flexispot BS1B Back Support office chair price and configurations

Like the E7/EC4 standing desk, Flexispot has different names for its BS1B ergonomic chair, depending on where you are. In the U.S., it’s named the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair. In the U.K. it’s officially called the Flexi-Chair Back Support office chair BS1B. Both chairs are largely the same, but the U.S. version has one clear advantage: a 3D lumbar support system.

(Image credit: Future)

The Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair in the U.S. is priced at $299.99 and comes in either black or gray. It’s equipped with an adjustable curved backrest, which adds to the chair’s flexibility to suit the user’s needs. It’s disappointing that the U.K. version doesn’t come with this lumbar support, but every other feature appears to be present in both BS1B chairs.

The Flexi-Chair BackSupport office chair BS1B in the U.K. has a retail price of £259.99, which works out to be more expensive than its U.S. counterpart when put through the current exchange rate (around $40 more expensive). U.S. buyers are getting the better deal, but the U.K. version I received is still worth the price tag.

Considering some of the best office chairs on the market are priced upwards of $500/£500, including the $949 Humanscale Different World and £687 Herman Miller Setu, the Flexispot BS1B offers premium quality at a much more affordable price range. The £289 Ikea Markus executive office chair (around $382) also falls into this category, but the BS1B still comes out to be the cheaper option.

 Flexispot BS1B Back Support office chair design 

The Flexispot BS1B is the epitome of an ergonomic office chair, from its simply black coloring to the breathable fleece on the backrest. but there are certain aspects that add to its finesse. 

(Image credit: Future)

Its design is geared toward comfort for professionals, and nothing says “professional comfort” than Italian-imported chenille and K+R temperature-sensitive fiber. It’s not as if anyone can point out this material by name, but it certainly looks premium. The BS1B has a style that fits right at home in any modern office space, but its leather-padded armrests and thick W-shaped seat add to its professional charm.

While the backseat mesh and extended lumbar support scream “ergonomic,” the tools to make various adjustments don’t look as mechanical as other premium office chairs such as the Herman Miller Aeron. The adjustable knob and handle under the seat are convenient to reach, and the chair and headrest can easily be changed to match your height or desk setup.

(Image credit: Future)

All in all, if you’re after a professional ergonomic office chair with a touch of elegance, Flexispot BS1B is right on the money.

Flexispot BS1B Back Support office chair comfort  

After going through three office chairs in 2021 alone, two of which claimed to have back support, I’ve always been skeptical of what “lumbar support” actually offers. I never thought these chairs were helping me sit upright to support my posture, and the little support they did offer still had me retreating into a hunched position. With the Flexispot BS1B Back Support office chair, however, my back has never been straighter. 

(Image credit: Future)

The backseat’s mesh is breathable, durable, and flexible, which I felt as soon as I sat back. The material contributes to the integrated lumbar support, allowing my lower back to comfortably sit without feeling like it's poking me to sit upright. That’s how an ergonomic design should feel. It’s also important to note that because of the breathable material used, my back never felt like it was sticky, or worse, sweaty — I’ll never return to leather padding. With the adjustable lumbar support the Soutien Ergonomic Office Chair boasts, I can imagine U.S. users will only experience further comfort.

The adjustable settings only contribute to the comfortably firm padded seat and flexible backrest. The BS1B comes with height adjustment capabilities that can be modified by 3.5 inches (9 centimeters), while the seat cushion can be moved backward or forwards depending on your legroom. Along with the adjustable headrest, I easily positioned the seat to how I wanted it to be, rather than me adjusting to the seat.

(Image credit: Future)

Another perk is the slight leeway the BS1B offers when sitting back. It allows for a little freedom before locking into place, but it also takes the right amount of effort to comfortably lean back for a quick stretch (or a small catnap). The one fault I did find was that the seat handle to adjust the height of the chair feels slightly flimsy, as it took me a minute to figure out what way I needed to pull it. This is hardly a major flaw, though.

With ideal lumbar support and comfort I don’t have to give a second thought about, the Flexispot BS1B Back Support office chair is an exemplary ergonomic chair. 

Flexispot BS1B Back Support office chair assembly  

This is where I came across some trouble. The difficulty of assembling any piece of furniture is subjective, but the Flexispot BS1B took me over an hour to build. Once it’s constructed, however, it’s unlikely you’ll ever have to worry about putting this 45 lbs chair back together. 

(Image credit: Future)

The instructions are simple to follow; there are no overly-complicated components that will throw you off assembling the seat. The package also comes with a handy screwdriver and hex key, along with spare screws —  just in case one of the few vital screws are lost or misplaced.

My main frustrations came with attaching the backrest to the seat. It took me a number of tries to move the seat to the precise place for the screws to, well, screw into place. The screws themselves didn’t seem long enough, as once I managed to find the right spot, it only took a few turns in order to lock it into place. Another headache was the headrest; the screws were difficult to line up to the relevant holes. Still, once they were in place, the seat as a whole felt sturdy.

Flexispot BS1B Back Support office chair warranty  

Flexispot offers a five-year warranty in the U.K. and a three-year warranty in the U.S. It also has a 30-days right to return policy for those that have second thoughts about the chair. Compared to other manufacturers, especially AndaSeat’s lifetime warranty coverage in the U.K., Flexispot doesn’t offer the lengthiest coverage. Still, this is a significant period. 

Bottom line 

The Flexispot BS1B Back Support office chair is among the best office chairs on the market, thanks to its competitive pricing, ergonomic flexibility and comfort. For $299.99/£259.99, the BS1B offers premium features that more expensive office chairs also boast, but it's a shame the U.S. version gets the added bonus of 3D lumbar support. As a sturdy piece of furniture for traditional offices and work-from-home setups, you're getting a lot of band for your buck.

While there are more budget-friendly ergonomic office chairs available, including Amazon’s discounted £169.99 Umi ergonomic chair and the £90 Habitat Milton Mesh ergonomic office chair, you won’t get the proper lumbar support, flexibility or longevity like the BS1B offers.

Flexispot’s BS1B makes sitting for long hours comfortable, and it even makes for a snug gaming chair if you can get over its professional look. However, if you are looking for a chair made for gamers, check out our list of best gaming chairs

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