Enacfire E90 review

TheEnacfire E90 earbuds are stylish, thumpy, IPX8 rated, and affordable

Enacfire E90 review
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Impressive budget-friendly earbuds that deliver thumpy bass and solid performance.


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    Solid call quality

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    Thumpy bass

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    Solid battery life

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    Could be louder

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The $39.95 Enacfire E90 earbuds are stylish, lightweight,  and pump out some nice thumpy bass, without breaking the bank. Wireless buds and I are usually a struggle due to my extra-large ears. Also, if I buy myself something my kids then want a pair and there are four of them and that gets expensive. The Enacfire E90’s solved the first two issues by being affordable, and they arrived with three different sized silicone ear tips so, there’s a size that should work for everyone. I’ve been testing these buds out for a while now, and have used them while going out for long walks and short runs, and even paired them to my laptop a couple of times as well. They lived up to their IPX8 waterproof and moisture protection rating, even though one popped out a couple of times while moving quickly on a rainy day but, since they’re so affordable, I didn’t freak out like I would if they were a pair of AirPods. 

Enacfire E90 earbuds pricing and availability 

The Enacfire E90’s are available on Amazon for $39.95, and I’m shocked by all you get for your money; these thumpy lightweight earbuds are a steal. They come in white, with a matching white charging case that’s good for four charges and a USB-A-to-USB-C charging cable. 

Enacfire E90 earbuds design

The Enacfire E90 buds are very comfortable, and fit very well in the ear, even though the shape of the unit is a little odd, the compact thumpers are lightweight and sleek. The buds are made from white glossy plastic with a chrome finish at the end of the short stem. The end of the ear buds are covered in a glossy white silicone of which there are three different sizes in the packaging so you can get the perfect fit. In my opinion, they look better than the AirPods Pro. Each earbud stem has an indicator light just above the chrome accent.  

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The part of the bud that sits in your ear is round and has a rubber ear tip attached to the end. Each bud has an R or L to denote which bud goes where. The buds weigh 0.16 ounces and measure 0.8  x 0.5  x 0.8 inches, which makes them smaller than the  AirPods Pro (0.2 ounces, 1.2 x 0.9 x 0.9 inches).  

The E90’s charging case measures 2.44 x 2 x  0.94 inches, and smaller than the AirPods Pro (2.4 x 1.7 x 0.9 inches). Just like the buds, the case is mainly composed of the same glossy white enamel plastic with a nice pop of gloss along the interior portions that house the buds with the company logo in gray. However, this time, the company name is spelled out and there are four charging status lights above the logo. The USB-C charging port sits at the bottom of the case.  

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These little bass thumpers are rated to IPX8 waterproofing in case you get caught in the rain or break a sweat while jogging with your dog, running around, or riding the subways of New York City. The buds can also withstand being submerged in a meter of water for a maximum of 30 minutes. 

Enacfire E90 comfort

Due to my large ear size and shape, finding a comfortable pair of earbuds can be a daunting task and annoying as many earbuds never fit properly and end up falling out of my ears all the time. Thanks to the three silicone tip options, I have not had that same issue with the Enacfire E90’s and they’ve proven to be comfortable as well. As I mentioned earlier, they’re a little odd in shape, but it never caused a problem as they sat well within my ears and stayed in place.

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The three included silicone eartips were more than sufficient and it was quick to select the default tips which created a nice snug seal and never became uncomfortable even after walking around Prospect Park for a few hours. 

I jogged up one of the trails in the park to test the fit during more rigorous activity and the Enacfire E90s never popped out or were jarred loose. 

Enacfire E90 setup

Connecting the Enacfire E90’s to my iPhone 11 was simple. I charged them up fully, then opened the case and popped them into my ears. I went to settings in my iPhone 11 and found them in the Bluetooth menu and connected them. It was simple and within mins, I was on Spotify and headed out the door. The Bluetooth 5.0 connection worked without any audio interruptions during my four-hour jaunt through the park. 

Enacfire E90 earbuds controls

Like it’s sibling A9 earbuds, the E90 has touch-sensitive controls near the top of both the right and left earbuds. The controls are the same and by tapping the right bud once pauses whatever you’re listening to while double-tapping skips forward to the next song or accepts/ends a call. You can tap once to enable/disable the noise canceling with the left bud. You can also turn on the ambient audio setting or turn it off with a couple of taps, as well as take or end calls. Lastly, if you tap and hold, you can activate your digital assistant (Siri or Google Assistant).

Enacfire E90 active noise canceling

The Enacfire E90 buds come with Qualcomm-powered CVC echo canceling and noise suppression technology. CVC uses an algorithm that focuses on the pathway of your voice for clearer audio transmission while eliminating echo and background noise from calls. The Qualcomm tech will also adjust the earbuds mic gain in accordance with background noises so that people on the other end hear you clearly and not what’s going on around you. 

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I called my daughter while passing a group of people listening to a young man playing the guitar in the park and she said I sounded very clear and even though I was describing the scene to her, she didn’t hear the music or any of the people chatting in the background. 

Enacfire E90 earbuds audio quality

The 10mm drivers in the Enacfire E90’s produce some serious bass and that made this OG basshead very happy as I arrived at Prospect Park. I loved that deep bass while listening to Robin Thicke’s “Magic” as he started singing about trying to erase the past, once again begging actor and ex-wife Paula Patton for another chance. When I first heard the strings of the violins and the depth of bongos, then those sassy “I’m-about-to-beg” horns as Robin starts crooning about making it alright. 

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After I giggled to myself about Robin Thicke’s “forgive-me-baby” music, I switched it up as I picked up my pace, and Chris Brown’s “Look At Me Now” kicked in with its pounding bass line. I was in heaven while on my meandering jog, head-bopping with a smile on my face. The lower thumper bass kicked when rapper Busta Rhymes says “Yo Breezy.” The E90’s produce thick juicy bass, however, I wish they were a little louder. Mid tones and highs were also reproduced by the 10mm drivers sweetly as the occasional snare drum and cymbal were clearly heard. 

As I rounded out my chugging through Prospect Park, I stopped to catch my breath and watch some news videos via the CNN app. The reporter’s voice was clear and came through with some natural depth as he discussed the political happenings of the day. 

Enacfire E90 earbuds battery and Bluetooth

The Enacfire E90 are rated to last 7 to 8 hours during steady use and depending on the volume level. I got 7.5 hours of straight use before needing to put them in the case to charge. Overall, I averaged 8 hours and 10 minutes on a single charge during mixed use of listening to music, watching videos, and making calls. With the four charges I got out of the case it worked out to about 32 hours of use.   

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The E90 uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology to connect to my phone. That allowed me to leave my phone on the desk as I moved around my tiny studio apartment and even danced my way into the kitchen and made myself some lunch without losing connection or experiencing any interruptions. 

Enacfire E90 earbuds call quality

Some earbuds struggle with phone calls due to size and mic placement. The Enacfire E90 performed solidly during calls with each bud’s set of dual mics capturing my voice very clearly in several different environments. One cool feature is the ability to just use one bud to deal with calls. Call quality is clear thanks to Qualcomm CVC 8.0 noise cancellation tech. I had clear calls even on the busiest of Brooklyn streets. If you’ve ever been to Brooklyn, you know, the folks are very expressive, loud talkers. 

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For the past month of mixed-use and walking around on windy days, the E90’s continued to produce clear calls with the four-mic setup working very well, with nary a complaint from anyone on the other end of a call. 

Enacfire E90 earbuds bottom line

When you take into consideration that higher-end buds are going to run you between $99 and $300, the Enacfire E90 is a revelation. For only $39.95, you get a pair of IPX8-rated earbuds that pump out impressive bass and clear calls. They also have solid battery life and active noise cancellation technology. Plus, they are comfortable even after a long period of time. However, if you want a louder performance, you will want to consider the $189 AirPods Pro. But if you want flagship features for pennies on a dollar, the Enacfire E90 is a budget-friendly alternative that deserves a listen. 

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