eBags Luxon Laptop Backpack review

My old backpack can’t come to the phone — it's been replaced by this gem!

eBags Luxon Laptop Backpack
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Laptop Mag Verdict

The eBags Luxon Laptop Backpack screams luxury in every way, from its sleek waterproof coating to its dedicated laptop compartment and longer zipper chains that give you easy access to your belongings.


  • +

    Ample organization and storage space

  • +

    Durable design with water-resistant coating

  • +

    Padded mesh back panel is super comfy

  • +

    Dedicated laptop compartment

  • +

    Hidden RFID pocket for wallet or passport


  • -

    Shoulder straps are scratchy on bare skin

  • -

    Only two style variations

  • -

    Heavier than most backpacks

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The eBags Luxon Laptop Backpack is a premium option that’ll make you wonder why you didn’t upgrade sooner. This bag offers luxuries I didn’t even know I needed in a backpack, like a padded mesh back panel, long zipper chains for easy access, and well-organized, built-in storage areas. 

You’ll find a dedicated compartment for your laptop to completely separate and safe from the rest of your things. The front zipper panel offers extra storage for your little bits and bobs, like individual slip pockets for your favorite pens and see-through mesh zipper pockets for things you might forget easily. For your larger items, the main compartment is king, and even comes with a nifty removable sling bag. 

Whether you’re traveling or commuting to work or school, the Luxon has plenty of room, and can keep your belongings safe with its durable fabric and water-resistant coating. Don’t get me wrong, there are a few things I’d change about this bag in a perfect world. But as it stands, the cons far outweigh the pros for this gorgeous, functional backpack.  

eBags Luxon Laptop Backpack price and availability

The Luxon Laptop Backpack from eBags is a bit pricier than other bags, retailing for $149.99. Right now, there are two available color options, and they’re both discounted on the eBags website to only $99.99. 

You might not notice much variation between theBlack and Graphite (grey) color options, because the only fabric that changes is on the sides and bottom of the bag. There’s some dark grey, waterproof-coated material that stays the same whether you opt for the Black or Graphite version. 

On Amazon, the Luxon Laptop Backpack is listed for $99.99, matching the discounted price from eBag’s website. Both Black and Graphite options are available through Amazon too. 

eBags Luxon Laptop Backpack design

The Luxon Backpack from eBags has an industrial, modern look to it, with its dark grey accent fabric covered in smooth water-resistant coating on the front of the bag. The two side pockets and the top of the bag are decorated with this same smooth material — protecting the most vulnerable spots of the bag from an accidental spill or some rain. 

At the bottom of the bag and on the sides, our Graphite-colored review unit features light grey polyester fabric that’s rugged and textured. This fabric feels more durable and able to withstand scratches than the smoother, water-resistant accent fabric. Inside, the quality continues with a dark red decorative lining that feels sturdy and looks easy to clean. 

eBags Luxon Laptop Backpack

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All the zipper chains are covered to hide the teeth, which gives the bag a cleaner look. The two front zipper pockets are covered with a water-resistant, leathery-feeling material. Then, other zippers are covered with soft cloth, giving the bag a clean, uniform look. All zippers are equipped with a cylindrical extender that makes them easy to open and close. 

The Luxon Backpack is fitted with a wide carrying handle that’s slightly padded for more comfortable transport, as well as a luggage strap so you can secure the bag to a suitcase when traveling. Alternative to most backpacks, which have a horizontal luggage strap to slide over the carrying handle, the Luxon has a vertical luggage strap, so you can slide the bag over your suitcase with the carrying handle pointed to the left or right. 

With dimensions of 19 x 11.5 x 7 inches, this is a standard medium-sized backpack that offers a bit more depth than many backpacks. What’s not standard about the Luxon Backpack is its weight. Many backpacks weigh between one to two pounds, but this backpack weighs just over three pounds when it’s empty. Its supportive features make this extra weight less noticeable, but more on this later. 

eBags Luxon Laptop Backpack pockets and organization

With spacious, well-organized compartments and pockets, this backpack has space for all of my belongings, and then some. I packed my 14-inch laptop, two thick spiral planners, a medium-sized journal, a paperback book, my pen bag, phone, wallet, power bank, some snacks, and two water bottles — and there was still so much room left for more. 

One of my favorite aspects of the Luxon Backpack is the separate, dedicated spaces for many items. There’s a heavily padded laptop compartment with its own zipper, a stretchy strap attached to the inside liner to hold your phone and a power bank together to charge, a hidden pocket for your wallet or passport, and a fleece-lined pocket in front for sunglasses or your phone. 

Also on the bag’s front, you’ll find another zipper pocket that features the Luxon Backpack’s signature smooth, red lining and two built-in slip pockets. Beneath these two outer zipper pockets is the front storage panel, which contains several built-in slip pockets, and features five dedicated slots for individual pens or pencils, and three zipper areas, two of which are made with mesh. 

eBags Luxon Laptop Backpack

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The main compartment has quite a bit of open storage, which is primarily where I stored my journal, book, planners, and other belongings. On the fold-out flap, you’ll find the T-shaped, stretchy straps I mentioned earlier to hold your phone and a power bank stacked together, as well as a fine, stretchy mesh pocket that’s perfect for holding snacks. 

Then, in the back of the main compartment, there’s another fine mesh pocket and a removable sling bag. The sling bag has a fleece-lined pocket in the front for your sunglasses or phone, and then open storage inside for multiple pens and pencils, medication, or even a small plastic water bottle. You can leave the sling bag inside the backpack with your essentials, and then remove it when you don’t feel like bringing your entire backpack. 

Both the front compartment and the main compartment have longer zipper chains than traditional backpacks —almost reaching the bottom of the backpack, for roomier, easier access to your belongings, especially if the bag is lying horizontally on a desk. 

For water bottles or umbrellas, the eBags Luxon Backpack has two side pockets made with the same smooth, water-resistant material you’ll find on the front of the bag. The side pockets are a bit tight at first, but they can easily fit a larger plastic or stainless steel water bottle. 

eBags Luxon Laptop Backpack adjustability and comfort

eBags Luxon Laptop Backpack

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The Luxon Laptop Backpack from eBags can be adjusted using the shoulder strap tails and clips. To move the bag higher on your back, you simply tug on the strap tails until it’s in the perfect position. Alternatively, you can pull up on the plastic strap clips to loosen the straps and lower the bag on your back. 

The shoulder straps are curved, decked out with padded mesh, and equipped with loops to attach accessories or feed your headphone cord through. The mesh itself is comfy on bare skin, but the bag’s fabric around the seam creates a sharp, scratchy feeling on skin. If you’re wearing something with sleeves, you’ll only notice the padded comfort. 

One of my favorite features of this laptop backpack is its padded air-mesh back panel. The mesh material makes it breathable, and the thick padding makes even a heavy backpack feel good on your back. There are two hourglass-shaped panels opposite the two shoulder straps, with thinner padding for your mid-back and thicker padding for your upper- and low-back areas. 

There’s also a slightly reinforced bottom to help support heavier items. Rather than your laptop or textbooks sinking to the bag’s bottom, they’ll stay where you want them. This makes for a more comfortable fit while walking, and it’ll also protect your things when you set the bag down on a hard surface. 

eBags Luxon Laptop Backpack special features

Everything about the Luxon Laptop Backpack feels special, but here are a few standout features. There’s a hidden RFID pocket on the back panel that’s perfect for your wallet or passport. With this,you can block potentially malicious signals from RFID scanners trying to gain access to your identity or credit cards. 

Also, the zipper sliders on the two largest compartments overlap with one another so you can push a thin lock through hole on each zipper slider, fastening them together to secure your belongings. Of course, it’s worth mentioning that someone could still pick up your backpack and run away with it, or poke something through the zipper teeth to bypass the lock. However, these lockable zippers could be enough to deter someone from trying to pickpocket you. 

Bottom line

eBags Luxon Laptop Backpack

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The eBags Luxon Laptop Backpack is an excellent choice, so long as you can splurge on it. It’s incredibly comfortable to wear, offers an insane amount of storage that’s easily accessible, and has multiple special features, like a hidden RFID pocket and a removable bag you could use as a pencil bag for class or a fanny pack on vacation. 

The boxy, modern style of the Luxon Backpack may not be for everyone, but it’s made to last with its durable fabric and water-resistant coating. Though the style of this bag lends nicely to neutral color palettes, it’d be nice to see extra color options besides black and grey. 

If you’re looking for a more minimalistic or compact backpack, this probably isn’t the option for you. But if you need something with ample storage, thoughtful features, and a dedicated laptop compartment for school, work, or personal use, look no further than the Luxon Laptop Backpack from eBags.