360 Panorama Review

Laptop Mag Verdict

Getting a wider view of your surroundings and quickly sending it to friends is cool, but poor stitching details disappoint.


  • +

    Easy to use

  • +

    Built-in sharing features

  • +

    Fun stereographic mode


  • -

    Trouble stitching together indoor or highly detailed shots

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Ever wish you could beam a friend over to see a stunning vista that you just can't capture in a single frame? 360 Panorama lets you share any scene, immersing your viewer in a fully interactive, 360-degree photo of that twinkling city skyline, august mountainside view, or roaring sports stadium.

All we had to do was stand in one spot and sweep our phone around. The app automagically stitched together a panoramic view and created one connected image--no tripod needed. You're also able to choose from two modes after you've taken the picture: 360 View and Stereographic. 360 lets you tap on a spherical icon in the bottom-left corner to activate your device's gyroscope, then you simply wave your phone around to look at the view. Stereographic laid out the panoramic image on a plane with a globe-like effect.

We liked that the app is social network-friendly. We could upload our images to Facebook and Twitter directly with a few quick taps. However, we noticed that the app had some difficulty processing pictures of a scene where the ends met in precise lines--we don't recommend this app for your bedroom or the office, unless you have inhumanly steady hands.

While there's some room for improvement, 360 Panorama works as advertised. Capturing sweeping views with this app is simple and fun.

360 Panorama Specs

PlatformsAndroid, iOS