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Xbox Series X severe delays: Amazon orders may not arrive until New Year's Eve

Xbox Series X
(Image credit: Future)

Amazon alerted many preorder customers that their Xbox Series X may be delayed until December 31. In the email, Amazon states it will "ship in the coming weeks as we receive more inventory in November and December.” 

Amazon estimates that those awaiting preordered units will receive them no later than December 31. That isn't a bad way to ring in the New Year (especially during the current new normal), however, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S officially launched today, meaning orders could be delayed by more than 7 weeks. 

Many gamers who received the Amazon email had preordered long ago and took to Twitter to express their displeasure. It's a little odd for people to get an email so late in the game, especially since they were supposed to start receiving their units this week. There has been no indication from Amazon as to the cause of the delays or how many customers have been affected. 

Amazon had a similar issue with the PS5 and warned customers who started preordering back in September that they may not get their new consoles until November 5. Again, the company failed to provide an explanation for the delays.