Xbox Series X games could stream to cheap Windows 10 laptops with this app

Xbox Series X games streaming to Windows 10 could be easy with this app
(Image credit: Microsoft)

A new Windows 10 app called Xbox Game Streaming has been spotted on the Microsoft Store, and it could be designed for streaming Xbox Series X games to cheap laptops.

There are already a few ways to stream Xbox games to your PC; You can stream your Xbox One directly to your PC via the Xbox app, and then there's the forthcoming Project xCloud, which will let you stream Xbox games from a Microsoft server.

Spotted by reliable leaker WalkingCat, you can see the app for yourself on the Microsoft Store. The description of the app is as follows:

"Use the Xbox Game Streaming (Test App) to connect to your Xbox Developer Kit and optimize your game for Game Streaming. Requires an Xbox Developer Kit or reach out to your Xbox program representative to get access."

Right now, you need an Xbox Developer Kit to properly use the app, so it seems the app is specifically for developers to optimize their games for streaming. 

Screenshots posted by Aggiornamenti Lumia indicate that the app is being purposed for Project xCloud streaming as opposed to console-to-PC streaming, but this remains unclear.

We might hear more about Xbox's Project xCloud plans next week for its new Xbox Series X event, so stay tuned.

Rami Tabari

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