Xbox Series S to support Seagate Storage Expansion Card — is it worth it?

Xbox Series S to support Seagate Storage Expansion Card but is it worth it?
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft confirmed that the Xbox Series S will support the Seagate Storage Expansion Card, so you can add an additional 1TB of SSD storage on top of the included 512GB SSD.

Microsoft revealed this in an Xbox Wire blog, but we still don't know how much the Seagate Storage Expansion Card will cost. And unlike its predecessors, you can't just plug any SSD into the system, it has to be this specific Seagate.

Is the Xbox Series S worth it if you're buying another SSD?

If you want to spring for the $299 Xbox Series S because it's cheaper, but need to upgrade the storage with a Seagate Storage Expansion Card, it might be cheaper to buy the $499 Xbox Series X if Seagate charges $200 or more for its 1TB SSD.

If you want to capitalize on the affordability of the Xbox consoles and upgrade the storage at the same time, it might be worth buying the Xbox All Access deal, which gives you Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and either the Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X for $25 and $35 per month, respectively.

The Xbox Series S delivers 4 teraflops of power, and while it technically delivers three times the performance of the Xbox One, it doesn't compare to the Xbox Series X's 12.15 teraflops. So the new console is not only a significant downgrade in storage but also in performance.

If you don't plan on upgrading your storage, then the Xbox Series S is more than worth the price, but otherwise, it might be cheaper to just buy the Xbox Series X. Which is best for you ultimately depends on how much the Seagate Storage Expansion Card costs. We'll let you know how we'd approach buying Xbox's next-gen console once we know the price. 

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