Xbox Live Gold for free? Microsoft could save Xbox Series X gamers some cash

Xbox Live Gold
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Earlier this week, we reported that Microsoft dropped the 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscription from its platform. This sparked a flood of theories about Xbox's forthcoming plans for online multiplayer access. 

One reliable leaker, however, may have cleared the air about Microsoft's future vision for its gaming service, UberGizmo reported.

Could Microsoft be trying to increase its bottom line by ditching its $60 12-month Xbox Live Gold service and encouraging its users to purchase one-month and three-month Xbox Live Gold subscriptions, which both cost over $100 per year? 

Or maybe the Redmond-based tech giant is hoping users will purchase its $15-per-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which includes Xbox Live Gold?

These are just two of the many theories speculators have come up with to rationalize Microsoft's sudden discontinuation of its yearly online multiplayer subscription. Luckily, well-known Xbox insider Klobrille is clearing away the confusion. They revealed Microsoft's motives for ditching the 12-month Xbox Live Gold service, and it's a lot more palatable than the Xbox-is-just-being-greedy theories: Microsoft reportedly wants to drop the paywall for online multiplayer access altogether.

Yes, you read correctly -- Microsoft may make Xbox Live Gold free.

“The question is not if the online multiplayer paywall falls. The question is when," Klobrille posted on Resetera.

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Many say that this rumor couldn't possibly true — it would be a major revenue loss for Microsoft. However, some pundits say that this strategy may lure more players to sign up for Game Pass, which is often described as Xbox's Netflix for games.

Of course, you should take this information with a grain of salt; Microsoft has not yet confirmed Klobrille's claims. 

If the Xbox leaker's revelations are true, perhaps Microsoft may announce that they'll be dropping the online multiplayer paywall at the Xbox Series X showcase, which is poised to take place on July 23.

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