Xbox Games Showcase critical reception — some viewers were disappointed

Halo Infinite Xbox Games Showcase
Halo Infinite (Image credit: Microsoft)

The Xbox Games Showcase was Microsoft's much-needed opportunity for redemption. Did the gaming platform squander it?

After Microsoft admitted to setting “wrong expectations” for its May Inside Xbox event, fans crossed their fingers for a mind-blowing, jaw-dropping Xbox Games Showcase to topple PlayStation's Future of Gaming event.

We got to sink our teeth into some badass Halo Infinite gameplay and feast our eyes on snippets of Psychonauts 2 and Fable. However, after perusing through commentary on Resetera and Twitter, many reviewers were disappointed with Xbox's dearth of avant-garde, next-gen presentations.

Viewers hoped for more next-gen eye candy from the Xbox Games Showcase

Halo Infinite Xbox Games Showcase

Halo Infinite demo at Xbox Games Showcase. (Image credit: Microsoft)

"I was super disappointed," Klauskpm said on Resetera. "Halo did not impress graphically, but at least it is an open world."

"I was surprised at how current gen [Halo Infinite] looked, but I guess that makes sense since it needs to run on Xbox One?" Kuni said.

The Twittersphere echoed Resetera's critics, adding that the Xbox Games Showcase did not compel them to consider an Xbox Series X investment. 

Fable Xbox Games Showcase

Fable teaser at Xbox Games Showcase. (Image credit: Playground Games)

Fans wanted to see more gameplay at the Xbox Games Showcase

The consensus is that the walkthrough-style gameplay for Halo Infinite looked pretty badass, but fans wanted to see more gameplay reveals to showcase the Xbox Series X's capabilities.

"I thought it was much like the PS5 event. Really liked the variety of games shown, but wished there was a little more gameplay," Resetera member Funky_monkey said.

"With a new-gen [console] coming, what people really want to see is gameplay. We're 4 months away from the launch and [...] we have only seen Halo," Acido posted.

Viewers also flocked to Twitter to express their disappointment with Microsoft's gameplay deficiency.

Viewers who loved the Xbox Games Showcase had a different perspective

"Everyone is missing the point," Anddo said. "Game Pass was the show."

Anddo has a point. All the games featured on the Xbox Games Showcase will be available to play on Xbox Game Pass, which is pretty damn awesome.

"It is pretty cool knowing I can play every one of those games on Game Pass," CloseTalker said. "That's insane."

Viewers who loved the Xbox Games Showcase figured that Microsoft's aim was not to reveal a slew of graphically impressive, next-gen heavy hitters. Instead, they realized that Microsoft simply wanted to announce the incredible value of having an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Jeremy summed it up perfectly: "This is a great show if you have Game Pass. This is a mediocre show if you care about the new console."

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