Xbox Game Bar now tracks CPU, GPU and RAM usage, lets you kill programs on the spot

Xbox Game Bar now tracks RAM, CPU and GPU usage, letting you kill programs on the spot
(Image credit: Xbox)

Microsoft just updated the Xbox Game Bar, giving it a Resources widget that lets you track CPU, GPU, RAM and storage usage.

Now you can feel self-conscious about how many Google Chrome tabs you have open, and if you're like me, go on a rampage purging them all from existence so your PC will stop turning into a heater for your tiny office. 

Xbox Game Bar updates

In addition to the resources widget that constantly shames you, Microsoft unveiled a few new features in a blog. Now, you can see if your system is capable of handling DirectX 12 Ultimate by going to the Gaming Features tab in the settings menu. Unless you have one of the AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series graphics cards or NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs, then your rig won't be DirectX 12 Ultimate ready.

There's the Gamecaster App and Widget, which notifies you whenever you get a new follower or a chat message thanks to a neat in-game overlay. 

What's really interesting is seeing Asus bringing an update to their Armoury Crate software with an all-new widget for Xbox Game Bar. So if you have access to the software, you can customize your different game mode directly from the Xbox Game Bar.

All of these updates are available starting today, so make sure you update the Xbox Game Bar via the Microsoft Store app.

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